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Build your dream machine out of blocks, bring them to life and compete across dozens of online game modes in 16 player online multiplayer.


Create a machine from a wide assortment of shapes, engines and powered blocks. Recreate your favourite vehicle, construct wonderful contraptions or strap jets to your vehicle to give it a boost of speed or the power of flight!

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Anything that you create can come to life! A high powered race car, heavy-duty jeep, a hovering vehicle, a destructive tank or even a complex spider bot! Not only will you be able to drive your own machines, but you’ll also even be able to hop online and drive other players creations.


Enter your machine into various game modes that range from racing, king of the hill, football and even arena-based PVP combat! As you compete across various game modes, you’ll be rewarded with XP which will let you level up and unlock new items.



Our innovative dedicated servers handle all in-game physics and allow for impactful and accurate interactions between players online. If a player smashes into another vehicle, it will behave exactly how you would expect. This technology allows Techblox to achieve things that other online physics builders cannot.

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