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Robocraft 2 Out Now In Early Access!

Updated: Nov 20

Hello Robocrafters!

10 years ago we launched Robocraft 1. Freejam has changed in the years since with an almost entirely different team who have set about creating a new game in Robocraft 2. It has been in development now for over a year with a small community of dedicated Robocrafters giving feedback via Discord. With their help, we have iterated the gameplay and the new unique server-side physics technology into a game that feels different to Robocraft 1 but tries to stay true to the goals of providing maximum creative freedom when engineering robocrafts for battle.

We are excited to see what incredible machines you create using our powerful building system and are looking forward to seeing all of them being absolutely obliterated in online matches with our block-by-block destruction tech!

You’ll be able to download the game tomorrow. Please make sure you add it to your wishlist to be notified when it is live!

We have a lot of work to do by adding new features, improving the core gameplay, optimisation, bug fixes and updating the game with various new parts… You can look at our development roadmap below for a list of features and functionality that are coming to Robocraft 2. Including partial gamepad support, a new map and game mode, weekly missions, mini-map, and even a world editor where you can create your own maps and game modes!

We wanted to touch on a couple of features that are coming!

Firstly, the next movement part to be released in Robocraft 2 will be hovers! We’ll be sharing more details on this part very soon but here’s a quick tease!

Another anticipated movement part that we want to bring to Robocraft 2 is Tank Tracks. But we’re not just letting you slap pre-created tracks on your machine, you’ll design their shape with modular building!

We still have quite a lot of work to do on Tank Tracks but this is just one example of how we’re providing players with more satisfying building systems and an additional level of complexity for builders who want to explore the game's mechanics further.


One of the biggest requests from our community is a friend and party system. We are already working on this and hope to release it as soon as we can. We want players to enjoy spending time hanging out with their friends in the lobby so have been working on a new main menu screen, check out this work in progress:

One of the major parts of this main menu screen is the ability to see the characters that you and your friends have selected. You will also eventually be able to emote in this screen whilst waiting to start a match.

Players can also choose a mascot robocraft which allows this robocraft to appear within the main menu. Each player's mascot robocraft will appear in front of the player on the desk sitting on top of their currently equipped switchplate.


Over the last year, we’ve built up a community of 10,000 players who have been offering feedback and helping others learn the new mechanics and systems in Robocraft 2. If you want to join the community, you can do so by clicking here:

This is just the beginning! We’ve built up a great team of developers and have some big ambitious plans for the future of the game. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the game in its current state and look forward to the future.

Build, Drive, Fight!


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