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Updated: Aug 3

Hello Robocrafters!

It’s time to play the latest update to Robocraft 2!

This update is a very important one for us because we have introduced an onboarding system called the Tech Ladder. This feels like one of the first times you can introduce the game to your friends and they’ll have a good understanding of Robocraft 2’s systems by watching the various videos on the Tech ladder.

If you know anyone who wants to try out the game for the first time, consider telling them about Robocraft 2, we’re keeping a close eye on how players respond to the Tech Ladder and hope that the changes we have made will provide them with a more enjoyable and polished game.

For those of you who already know how to build Robocraft, we’ve got a new gun, new cosmetic items to unlock on the Founders Battle Matrix and a few extra quality-of-life things that improve the overall game experience.

Let’s dig into the content!


The railgun is the big new weapon that’s part of this update. You can see the potential damage it can deal here

It’s designed to be placed on medium to heavyweight robocraft. It’s accuracy will be affected by its powerful recoil when used on light robocraft and flyers. It will also deal weak damage to nearby targets and huge damage to distant targets. Read more here:


The Founders Battle Matrix will last until the launch into Steam Early Access. But we’ve expaneed the Battle Matrix to include a brand new island which feature a number of cosmetic items inspired by Jimmy Jams Jammy Jam Factory and the Vector 7 and Ares Reig Mascots that have been unveiled in the Robo Herald.

This includes colour palettes, profile customisation items and A new design of Switch Plate!

Read more here:


This is our huge onboarding update which will allow players to learn about the various parts and functionality in Robocraft 2. All players will begin with features and parts that are relatively similar to the original Robocraft. Each step on the tech ladder will unlock new parts and features, and you can watch a short tutorial video which will provide you further information!

Read more here:


Players will be able to place their favorite robocraft on the main menu!

You can set your mascot from your downloads on the CRF or while browsing through your own created robots in Build Mode. In the future while joining with parties you’ll see other players mascot robocraft!

Read more here:


In this update you’ll be able to see the direction of movement/turning on your Robocraft with yellow and red arrow indicators.

This is going to be really useful when building with the Aiming Axle and Aiming Hinge servos when building custom gun rigs.

Read more here:


When loading into a match, you’ll be told what map you’re loading into and a list of objectives that you will need to complete in order to achieve victory

These objectives are displayed every time your pilot is killed too. Just in case you forgot what you were doing!

Read more here:


We are planning an hour long test in preparation for this weekends update! This will happen at the following time:


3 August 2023 14:00

Additionally, Online Battle Tests will be active at the following times for two hours:


4 August 2023 17:00 UTC

5 August 2023 17:00 UTC

6 August 2023 17:00 UTC


4 August 2023 22:00 UTC

5 August 2023 22:00 UTC

6 August 2023 22:00 UTC


5 August 2023 10:00 UTC

6 August 2023 10:00 UTC

7 August 2023 10:00 UTC


Check out the full patch notes below!

New Content

  • New Island for the Founders Battle Matrix

  • Railguns

  • Tech Ladder

  • Tutorial videos

  • Onboarding

  • Red dots to highlight new unlocks

  • Yellow Arrow system

  • Subtitle System (English only)

  • Seat icons for unoccupied seats in allied Robocraft

  • PLAY screen mascot

  • Match loading screen & Death Screen hints

  • Improved deseating feedback

  • Pallets for builders

  • Can use unlocked color palettes on your own builds now

  • Done through the color picker

Aim Servo Tracking improved We have discovered that there was some lag on the Aiming Axle servo and the Aiming Hinge servo which was providing some difficulty in hitting where you aimed... We have made some improvements to this which will make hitting fast moving targets a little more intuitive by reducing the aiming lag. This makes lasers more effective against flyers

Changes to non scaled servos.

In previous builds, custom gun rigs which were not scaled would be quite wobbly! We’ve now increased their strength so that they are equal to the maximum scaled parts. We dynamically change the strength of the servo basedon on the weight of what it’s carrying.

Of course, you might still choose to use scaled servos if you want to increase the connection health for that joint

Other Changes

  • Bandwidth optimisation on the server

  • Forcefield animations

  • Improvements to mars tile visuals & terrain collisions

  • Animation for character reassemble

  • Adjusted default sorting on CRF filters to keep newer bots towards the top (Now the last month’s most bought robots)

  • Intro video on splash screen

  • Flow changes for Build/Play online buttons in the PLAY screen

Bug Fixes

  • Various client & Server crashes

  • Fixed a bug that caused recall/reassemble timers to not show when activated

  • Fix for aim servo delay when moving slowly (MAY NOT BE READY!)

  • Fixed visual issue with hex material in the spawn area

  • Fixed various visual issues with shadows

  • Backfill preferences are now saved

  • Crystals should more consistently spawn back in the correct team colour instantly after swapping

  • Fixed a bug with rotating CRF robots causing visual issues

  • Voice audio is now tied to the Effects volume slider

  • Fixed inconsistent Hex teleporter requirement messaging

  • Battle Matrix 2D & 3D view no longer close after unlocking an item

Additions since publishing these patch notes: Aiming changes - Reduces the mouse sensitivity proportional to the FOV while aiming.

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