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10 Days Until Update - Mascot Robocraft

Hello Robocrafters!

Do you have a robot that you worked really hard on and you want your friends to see? We’re making a lot of changes to the main menu in preparation for parties and one of the things we’re doing is allowing you to customise your main menu. If you’ve unlocked various skins and profile options, you’d have seen these all shown on your character already. But in the background, there is a single switch plate which is empty.

NOT ANYMORE once the next big update goes live! Here’s what it looks like with a banana kart on the plate!

You can add a number of different types of Robocraft on this switch plate, they don’t all have to be banana themed!

So how do you set your mascot? Simply enter build mode and press the Mascot button as shown by the arrow in the image below!

What robot will be your Robocraft Mascot?! Let us know!

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