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11 days until Update - Founders Battle Matrix Expanded - Jam n' Chans!

A new update is planned to launch soon which will feature a whole assortment of content, including a new weapon and a big onboarding update that will help players learn about various components in Robocraft 2. Read the latest Robo Herald for a tease of the content we are planning for this huge update.

The first thing we wanted to talk about was that we will add a new island to the Founders Battle Matrix. This is an extension, so if you have already purchased the upgraded Founders Battle Matrix, you don’t need to pay an additional amount to unlock all the content on this island… Additionally, there is also a number of free items to unlock if you have not yet purchased the upgraded founders Battle Matrix too!

We will also increase the level cap to 51 so if you reached the max level, you’ll be able to earn even more tech points to unlock the new islands' cosmetic items!

Here’s a look at the new Island!

You may have spotted a theme if you’ve been reading the Robo Herald…


In March 2023, Vector Chan made their debut in an advertisement, declaring their need for your blood (for science).

This has led to a huge assortment of fan art on our Discord for Vector Chan and their rival Ares Chan!

Each of the chans gets their own Avatar!

And also a Banner each with the chans sporting their favourite personalised weapon!


Additionally, veterans of Robocraft over the last ten years who read the original Robo News will have seen Jimmy Jams Jammy Jam Factory mentioned a few times. The latest island includes new cosmetic items themed around the tasty Jams produced by Jimmy Jams Jammy Jam Factory!

Firstly two flavours of Switch Plate

And a profile frame in their signature blueberry flavour

Let us know what flavour jam Jimmy Jams Jammy Jam Factory should release next!


There are also two new colour palettes for use,

Stay tuned for daily announcements from the team as we prepare to launch this new update! Note: The Founders Battle Matrix will be active until we launch on Steam, so there is still plenty of time to go through all the levels if you haven't done so yet!

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