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2 Days Until Update! New Editable Starter Bots And Colour Palettes In Build Mode

A few days ago, we detailed that the Tech ladder will unlock a variety of blocks and functionality. But it will allow you to unlock one more item, Robocraft!

We’ve been designing these robocraft so that you only ever get a Robocraft which uses parts that you’ve already unlocked. For example, if you’ve unlocked Thusters and Anti Gravs, you’ll be given a robocraft that makes use of those parts.

There are seven Robots to unlock throughout the Tech Ladder which are editable, here are just a few of them!


In the next update, any colour palettes you unlock will be usable on both the CRF robots you have downloaded and the robots you have built yourself. We’re planning on releasing a ton of colour palettes over time! It is fun to shuffle through them while building to experiment with bot palette design

At the moment the game does not remember the original colour palette for your robot, so if you change the colour palette, you should only save if you like the result, otherwise reload the robot and it will return to your original colour palette.

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