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3 Days Until Update Launch! - The Railgun

Hello Robocrafters!

Today we wanted to unveil a new weapon that will be part of the next update coming August 1st!


This is a high-penetration and high-damage weapon that costs 120 weapon CPU. Here’s a look at the All-In-One turret variant.

And this is how it looks as a single weapon where you’ll need to create your own custom aiming rig to aim it.

When fired, this weapon will launch a single projectile. These projectiles do not have an arc and fire in a straight line. This makes them the perfect weapon to deal high damage from a long range. But they do have a long reload time.

The penetration energy and the damage is greater at long range. At close range the Rail will take several shots to degun a Plasma Turret, but at long range a Rail can degun a turret as well as do a ton of damage to blocks in a single shot.

The projectile velocity is 50% faster than plasma so still requires some skill to hit a flier at long range but pretty devastating when you do.

The railgun exerts a powerful recoil and will cause lightweight robots and flyers to lose accuracy

Whenever we introduce a new part or weapon we are going to keep a very close eye on how the community use it. We may make some adjustments shortly after based on feedback and after online tests!

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