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4 Days Until Launch - Empty Seat Indicators - Animated Force Fields - Re-assembly Animation

Hello Robocrafters!

If you’ve been playing online, the voice line "SOMEONE ON YOUR TEAM SHOULD TAKE CONTROL OF THE POWERFUL ROBOCRAFT!" is probably quite familiar to you! There were a lot of players who were not sure what the powerful robot was or even if there was a seat free. In the upcoming update, you’ll see new unoccupied seat indicators which will let you know when there is a free seat in that machine. You’ll see this on your own robot too!

But you’ll also see it on the Subordinator! Our plan is that seeing this icon regularly will encourage players to understand that there are additional free seats available. So when looking at a powerful robocraft they will be more inclined to use the seat and co-pilot the powerful Robocraft


While respawning your robocraft using mid-battle re-assembly, your pilot would stand stationary. We've been working with some new tech to make animations for the future. It's likely we'll reveal more detail on that in the coming months but check out the mid-battle re-assembly animation here:


When you are defending your own crystals, a forcefield activates which lets the enemy team know that they can’t deal damage until they move you away from it, or eliminate you. Because the world map and objectives are built out of blocks, we quickly tested this feature using previously available force field blocks which are used for the battle gate.

Our VFX artist Kieran has updated the forcefield blocks surrounding the crystals to make them more prominent in battle. Check them out below:

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