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5 Days Until Update - Yellow And Red Arrow Indicators

One of the requested features players have been asking for is indicators which allow you to see what way a particular part is able to turn. These have existed in Robocraft 1 for a little while and were something we have been wanting to add to Robocraft 2. Here’s how it looked in Robocraft 1:

In Robocraft 1, these indicators were active at all times while building. This didn’t look great and made it very difficult for players to get a good screenshot of their machine in the build bay. In Robocraft 2, we have decided to only show the yellow indicators whilst you are looking at that particular part.

This change will be especially useful for players who like to take great-looking photos of their robocraft in the building bay!

These yellow arrows are also a way to teach players about the various parts of the game and how they will function when bringing them into battle. It’s actually quite easy now to check if you’ve mistakenly put non-steering wheels on your robot!

But one of the major improvements that these indicators assist with is creating custom gun rigs! The red arrows need to point towards the front of your robocraft to aim where your crosshairs are facing.

They will be coming as part of the next update and will be visible for the following parts

  • Wheels

  • Jets

  • All powered joints

  • All passive joints

  • Aim servos

  • All-In-One Turrets

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