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We’re working on a new upgraded Community Robot Factory for Robocraft 2 called the CRF2 which will come with some important changes. We've been listening to the discussions around the CRF on the discord. With our design for a CRF2 we wanted to create a new type of CRF which better supports and rewards the constructors.

Kudos to Creators


We’ll be crediting, shouting out, and rewarding the original constructors of Robots [in the CRF] wherever we can in-game, such as in Team Lists, Scoreboards, and Leaderboards.


Crediting the constructors always should add an important level of transparency so it’s always clear who’s playing with CRF2 Robots and who’s playing with self-builds.

Virtual Currency Revenue Share

There will be a pricing scheme for Robots and will be purchasable both with Robits and Galaxy Cash, so they will never be able to be downloaded for 0 Robits. This is because we want to give 50% of all Robits and Galaxy Cash spent on Robots in the CRF to the original creators and want to ensure that they get good rewards for their creations.

Constructors Championship

One of our ideas is to have a seasonal Constructors Championship as in Formula 1 racing. Each Robot uploaded to the CRF will have its own Elo rating. As players play with your Robots the Elo rating of that Robot will go up and down. We will also factor in how much the Robots are used in battle also (as Robots can be switched mi-battle). The Constructors Championship will reflect the best Robots and therefore the best constructors in the game, with the winners of each season being called out.

Cosmetically Editable

To ensure that the creations remain intact “as the constructor intended” and so their Elo’s can remain true, Robots downloaded from the CRF will not be editable, but users who download them will still be able to change them cosmetically:

  • For constructors, we will be upgrading the colouring system to provide a full RGB colour picker so constructors can use any colour they want

  • For users downloading Robots from the CRF we will be ‘Pallete system’ so that users can unlock palettes and then use them to switch palettes on CRF Robots they have downloaded (and on self-built ones) quickly and easily to customise their look.

  • This will apply to ‘Material Painting’ also, so users can switch materials to cosmetic variants of the materials for further cosmetic customization.

Other Ideas

  • We will give constructors the ability to flag Robots in the CRF2 as ‘friends only’ or ‘clan only’ (or both).

  • We also hope to show Constructors stats on how many downloads they are getting, ratings, Elo, etc. as say a YouTuber would see when they look at stats on their videos.

  • We plan to add a ‘Try before you buy’ option.

  • We plan to improve the sorting and searching options.

  • We would love to find a way to allow constructors to convert Galaxy Cash that they had earned from the sale of Robots in the CRF back into real money. This is a complex thing to achieve (tax, IP-rights, contracts, anti-fraud and we would want to AVOID using any technologies like NFTs) so we absolutely cannot promise anything other than to say it would be a goal for us to make this happen and we are actively looking for ways to do this.

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