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A few things coming in the next update!

Hello Robocrafters!

In today’s blog we wanted to detail a few features and changes that are going to be in the next BIG update. We still have daily content to share up until the 21st, but whilst these are important, we didn't think each of them warranted a single day to itself!

Random Map selection

Hela’s Basin and Iana Chaos will be selected at random whenever you load into a game! In the future, the loading screen will inform you which map you’re loading into.

Asia and Oceania Region Support

We will be adding servers in the Asia and Oceania region, this will allow players within Asia and Oceania to play online for the first time in one of our online battle tests. We’ll need a large number of players from this region to play so please do share this news with any friends from that region to allow for an improved experience.

Removing the ping limit

Alongside the opening of new servers, we are also upgrading our matchmaking system to provide the best online experience for players! This will allow players who have a good enough ping to multiple regions to be matchmade and connect to players in those regions automatically.

If you're playing during a time when your region is not live then you may get matchmade onto another region (e.g. you're playing from Australia at a time when the North American servers are running in the schedule). In this case you can still play but your experience will be sub-par. We'll display a popup to warn you when this will be the case.

Increasing the number of multiplayer tests

With the release of the Battle Matrix we want to give you the chance to earn XP and advance in the matrix and so will be running much more frequent matches.

Streamlined user login

We noticed that there were a lot of Steam players that had some difficulty getting past our login flow as it asked you to log in via a website… Now, when loading the game via Steam’s Playtest system, Steam players get the choice between using their Steam ID without needing to load a website, or going to our official website and logging in via a Freejam account or a Epic account.

More Steam Playtesters added

Anyone who has previously been a part of the last Steam Playtest will automatically be selected. Robocraft 2 will appear as a downloadable game from your library. But we are adding a number of new players too! Watch out for an email from Steam if you have been selected.

Revenue Sharing on CRF

The CRF is a platform that allows players to share their robocraft with other players. We are planning to have a number of features in the future that will encourage and reward players who are engaged with the CRF.

The very first thing that we are planning to do, offers a revenue share with players who upload their robocraft. If a player has spent a form of currency to purchase your robocraft, you will receive 30% of that currency.

In a couple of days, we’ll be returning to more detailed blogs about the next update launching on the 21st! But tomorrow we will be talking about a few things that will come beyond the next update, so stay tuned!

Inactive players get nothing

If you are inactive during an online battle…

Robots and XP will be distributed to players based on the following conditions:

  • Length of game

  • Result

  • Skill

At the end of each match, you’ll be shown this screen detailing your earned XP and Robits.

Serverside work

We’ve been working on a number of things which are designed to prevent bad actors from hacking the server or bringing the server down.

Aesthetic map boundaries and vistas for all maps including test maps

We’ve added the aesthetic boundaries and vistas to test maps so all maps will now have aesthetic boundaries!

EAC Kicks enabled

If you’ve been very naughty, we will now have the ability to ban you from playing the game. So play nice!

Preventing players from loading multiple clients

EAC will now stop you from loading multiple clients of Robocraft 2 at once.

Voice Line changes in Helas Basin

We have implemented new voice lines which will help to teach players about the marauder.

Plasma Explosives Buffed

We are working on this block and will reveal more details in patch notes.

We’ll be sharing more news every day this week up until Friday! So stay tuned for tomorrow's blog!

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