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Battle Matrix Showcase! 7 Days Until Launch!

Hello Robocrafters!

The next update is going to include a system we have dubbed, the Battle Matrix and is just ONE WEEK AWAY. This will allow you to earn a number of free and premium cosmetics by participating in battles. We’ll be talking more about the specifics of the Battle Matrix in an update next week but today we wanted to highlight a few of the awesome cosmetics that are part of the next update

Weapon Skins!

One of the most sought-after cosmetics in the upcoming battle matrix will be the Cluster Honey QMG.

This weapon cosmetic just looks incredible which is why it’s one of the most difficult cosmetic skins to obtain.

There are a number of QMG skins coming for the next Battle Pass including

Cluster Disco QMG

Bromine QMG

Pilot Skins

Cray has been spoilt regarding character skins with them receiving silver and gold founder variants! But we have not forgotten about our other SCU’s Gene and Tianhe. This will be the very first time both characters will have cosmetic variants!

Nitrogen Gene Skin

Antimony Tianhe Skin

Erbium Cray

In the future, Cray, Gene and Tianhe won’t be the only pilots in Robocraft 2. Stay tuned for more info soon.

Switch Plates

Everyone needs a switch plate to select their robocraft! But why would you want your switch plate to look like everyone else's? These have been customisable for a little while with the silver and gold founder variants but the Battle Matrix will have several cosmetic variants to further customise your own style.

The Cray Plate

Animated Banners

Profile Customisation was revealed quite some time ago but one of the biggest additions in the next update and part of the Battle Matrix is the Animated banner! This is a new way to customise your profile and the animated banner will appear in the matchmaking screen and in the team list while in-game!

The first of these banners we unveiled in an earlier blog… but we never gave it a name… It’s called: Watermelon Fizz

There’s also going to be another animated banner which is specifically made for one of the characters you have probably heard about in Robo Herald, Robocraft 2’s lore-based newspaper!

This is the first time you’ll see the Animated banner for Griggle-O’s! A cereal endorsed by none other than Commander Griggle’s himself, now with 3% more Moose testosterone!

Eat Griggle-O’s

Animated Avatars

Joining the animated banners are animated Avatars!

Glitched Ares Reign

Spinning Vector

Combined with the animated banners they would look a little like this!

In the future there will be many more animated profile customisation options, combining them is going to be part of the fun!


Rounding out the profile customisation are the frames! These go around the avatar image and there are a number of them to unlock in the Battle Matrix.

Switched On


Frames currently in the Battle Matrix are not animated, but there may be animated variants in the future.

And there will be much more

There are a number of cosmetic items that we haven’t shown today and we are also planning to add to it beyond the initial launch next week! Stay tuned for more details!

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