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Build Mode Improvements! 1/3 Grid Placement And Base Toggling!

Hello Robocrafters,

We have been working on improving the build mode so players have more efficient tools to create incredible machine designs. We’ve already revealed three-click scaling and today we want to unveil a second feature that will give you greater power in build mode… ⅓ grid placement.

In Robocraft, Gamecraft, and Techblox each side of a cube had a centre point connection for you to build upon.

In Robocraft 2, pressing F6 will toggle on and off the ⅓ placement grid. This opens up the ability to connect to all 9 connection points on a single cube

Here’s a short video which shows ⅓ grid placement in action while building:

Additionally, we are also including base toggling in build mode. Base toggling will allow you to change which base is placed on the connection point. This is to solve a problem that was present in the original Robocraft which forced players to place proxy blocks in order to place shapes like wedges at a certain angle. They would then need to delete these proxy blocks, which wasted a lot of players' time.

Now, Hitting Q will cycle through all the bases, while rotating will rotate the base. This will allow you to place things like plates either horizontally or vertically.

Check it out in action in this video.

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