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Build & Test Demo - Hotfix 19.10.2022

Hello Robocrafters!

Over the last 24 hours over 1500 players have tried out the Build & Test Demo. We’d like to thank everyone for your support and hope that you’ve been having fun trying out the building system.

We’ve just released a hotfix which addresses the following issues:

We've released a hotfix which addresses the following issues:

- Players playing below the minimum spec will now have a cursor after closing the popup

- Updates for some sprites and strings

- Camera is no longer locked when editing Nameplate text

- Minor tweaks to the engine collision that should make it symmetrical now

- Inventory can no longer be scrolled horizontally

- Potential fix for an error when returning to build mode from simulation

- Potential fix for an error when opening config panels

- More logging for the EAC error when entering simulation. If you experience this error again please send us an updated player log

- Can now search the CRF2 by username

- Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues with the patcher failing to update

Additionally, we have taken some robots created by the community and added them to the main menu!

- ARTGUK = A-Ha-Toaster -

- chewybakker_3 = Chewy's RC Rover

- DashThe_Flash = Eclipse Tank V1

- Deegobooster = Deegos Mobile Turret

- McSokal = TRUK


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