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Camera Improvements Coming Next Update

Creating a UGC game like Robocraft 2 comes with some very bespoke challenges. One of those challenges is trying to create a functional camera in a game where the robots players would use would be a variety of sizes and even awkward shapes!

The current camera in Robocraft 2 does not allow you to look up without obstructing the player's view.

We wanted to tackle this by making it impossible for the crosshair to look at your own vehicle.

There are a number of ways to achieve this but ultimately it resulted in an initial prototype to test the functionality of this new camera system. This prototype looked at various awkward shape examples, the one in this video is just one example.

This worked great for a relatively simple-shaped robot. So we tested once more with a more complex bot design where the player's seat was off-centre.

Once we proved that this worked and felt natural, we began to work on it as a team. The final outcome looks like this:

This new camera system feels great and prevents your own robot from blocking your view while in combat. This camera system will be part of the next update! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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