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CPU System For Robocraft 2

Hello Robocrafters,

When you build in Robocraft 2 there will be four limits that you will need to consider…

- Base CPU

- Weapon CPU

- Cosmetic CPU

- Clusters

Base CPU

This is your bread and butter of robot design, nearly everything uses Base CPU including blocks, wheel rigs, engines, joints and logic blocks. While a single shape uses up a single Base CPU, other items like wheels and joints will use a higher base CPU due to their complexity.

Weapon CPU

The weapon CPU is spent by placing weapons on your vehicle, from lasers to plasma cannons. Depending on the weapon, its weapon CPU usage will vary. If you bring in small-scale lasers, you are able to place a bunch of them, but you’ll place fewer plasma cannons for the same weapon CPU cost

You can sacrifice your weapon CPU for more Base CPU if you wish. This may be useful if you are creating a melee-based robot and need more movement joints. You can not sacrifice Base CPU to get more Weapon CPU!

Cosmetic CPU

You want to look good on the battlefield so there will be a pool of CPU dedicated specifically to cosmetic purposes.


A cluster is a group of connected parts. If you placed two separate robots down apart from each other, you’ve got two clusters… If you placed two separate robots down and connected them with blocks, you have one cluster.

The Cluster Limit prevents you from placing too many separated groups of blocks within a single creation. By default, this will be 10.

You could create a powerful robot and an accompanying drone or you could even create a speedy getaway robot inside the base of your armoured robot which can be activated and driven if the outer shell is destroyed or it becomes immobilised.

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