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Hello Robocrafters

We have just a few days left for Steam Next Fest so starting from now until October 17th, you will be able to earn double the XP in battles so that you can claim a bunch of cosmetic items!

On Tuesday October 17th, the demo will be deactivated. Anyone who has been given access to the game via Playtest will still be able to play after this time but servers will return to selected times instead of 24/7.

Of course, any machines you have created will transfer over to the Early Access version on November 7th. This also includes all Robits you’ve earned as well as any cosmetic items and any machines you have created. This is your reminder to play lots this weekend so that you can earn the items on the Next fest island for free!

Once the demo has been delisted, we’ll begin to work on some polish and feedback that we’ve gained during the event from players across steam and our Discord.

We published a roadmap a little while ago, and whilst most of the “coming soon” features have already been implemented, check it out to see some of our plans for the future.

We will produce a new roadmap soon so please keep an eye out for that in the near future!

Of course, if you want to be notified when the game launches on Early Access, please add the game to your wishlist from the Steam Store page below:

In the meantime, if you’ve created an awesome Robocraft, please share screenshots of them with us! You can do this via the Screenshot upload on Steam or on our various socials like Discord and X (Twitter)! Thank you for playing and I hope we’ll see many of you return to battle on November 7th!

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