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Drilling Damage Robocraft Concept

Hello Robocrafters,

We’re working towards our next update and wanted to show off a concept idea for a new powerful robot similar to the Subordinator.

As you may know, the subordinator is a special event robocraft which activates when certain criteria are met. These particular Robocraft use higher CPU and have additional properties that set them apart from anything that can be built by players traditionally.

One of the experiments we’re currently working on is a drilling Robocraft which uses blocks to deal damage. The drill is made from the world-exclusive material, Unobtanium which is far tougher than any other material! As the drill continues to spin, it will continue to inflict damage on anyone with the misfortune to get too close! This is possible in online multiplayer thanks to our server side physics! Check it out in action below:

Right now, this is just a concept that we wanted to share with you. If we decide to go further with this it might be a little while before we see any further progress.

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