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Hello Robocrafters, It is time! In one of our biggest updates yet, this is the beginning of progression in Robocraft 2 via the Battle Matrix!

Enter the Battle Matrix

The Battle Matrix will allow you to earn cosmetic items and include

  • Pilot Skins

  • QMG Skins

  • Switch Plate Skins

  • Colour Palettes

  • Frames

  • Avatars

  • Banners

Here are a few highlights that we revealed in an earlier blog

There are a lot of cosmetic items included in this Battle Matrix that we haven’t shown yet, so make sure to load up the game and investigate by selecting the Battle Matrix tab on the main menu!

Levelling Up

To get these cosmetic items you will need to level up and earn tech points. To do this, you need to engage in online battles to earn XP. The amount of XP you earn is based on whether you achieved victory, the length of the game and your own skill. You will see the Game Rewards screen at the end of every match, it will look like this:

Every time you level up, you earn tech points, which you can spend in the Battle Matrix to unlock new cosmetic items

Robocraft… Re-assemble!

Another huge part of the update is the ability to re-assemble your bots mid-battle. We wrote a detailed blog about reassembling a few days ago. Re-assembly allows you to re-assemble your currently selected robot at your current position. No need to return all the way back to spawn, just hit the R key and you’ll reassemble right there!

Of course, there are some limitations on when you can re-assemble so a cooldown HUD has been introduced to show you when you can and can’t re-assemble

Currently, Re-assembly will work with all parts on your switch plate, this will mean that anyone hiding logic on the switch plate will have that logic appearing on the battlefield when re-assembling. But we are going to be changing how re-assembly works so that logic remains on the switch plate, and perhaps only one cluster will respawn.

We feel that this is going to have a big impact on how games play out over the next few weeks!

All-In-One Turrets!

Dubbed “Plonkables” in the office, the All In-One-Turrets are an easy-to-use turret system that will allow anyone to build a robocraft that works very quickly. We want to maintain a sense of discovery while playing through Robocraft and we noticed that players building their own turret aiming systems was quite complex when they first launched the game.

A well-designed custom turret should slightly outperform an All-In-One Turret. You can read all about these turrets from this dev blog.

We have made some changes to the All-In-One Turrets since you last saw them on the blog.

They will now all cost 60 Base CPU. Additionally, we discovered some issues that would occur whilst using Aiming Servos and Aming Hinges in combination with the All-In-One Turrets. So we have made the decision to not allow you to place an all-in-one turret if you are already using aiming servos and aiming hinges, And vice versa. If you attempt to do this, a warning will pop up.

Adjusted Hot Bar

We’ve adjusted the hot bar for new players to include the All-In-One turrets and have also adjusted the icon of wheels that can turn by introducing indicators on the icon which represent a wheel that can turn.

Edgewear Tech

We wanted to increase the visual fidelity of our game and one of the areas where we felt that we could improve upon was our bevel rendering tech. We wanted to make machines look less like toys and more realistic. Here are some examples of Edgewear tech being used on player machines: SALAMANDER 105MM APC BY ANGERSMITH


Subordinator and Marauder now have hit markers and sounds

This also includes turrets placed within the environment and if you drive another player's robocraft! As Robocraft features projectile-based weapons it is always beneficial to provide this information to players so that they can help lead their shots. Flying machines are going to have a more difficult time avoiding the dangerous laser barrage from the Marauder!

Pacific-Asia Region Support

We are pleased to support this region for online play! We will be keeping a close eye on this region so please do let us know if you come across any issues so that we can address them.

Revenue Sharing on CRF

The CRF is a platform that allows players to share their robocraft with other players. We are planning to have a number of features in the future that will encourage and reward players who are engaged with the CRF. The very first thing that we are planning to do, offers a revenue share with players who upload their robocraft to the CRF. If a player has spent a form of currency to purchase your robocraft, you will receive 30% of that currency. This includes Robits and Galaxy Cash!

Patch Notes

New Content:

  • Founders Battle Matrix added

  • New Character Skins

  • New Switch Plate Skins

  • New QMG SKins

  • New Frames

  • New Static Banners

  • New Animated Banners

  • New Static Avatars

  • New Animated Avatars

  • New Colour Palettes

  • Levelling Up system

  • Galaxy Cash shop Added

  • Re-assembly on battlefield - Including cool down UI on HUD

  • Added All In One Turrets

  • Asia-Pacific servers based in Singapore and Sydney

  • Added warning popup if joining a region with low ping

  • Added 30% CRF revenue share for players


  • Improved bevel rendering with Edgewear tech

  • Aesthetic map boundaries and vista’s for all maps.

  • Removed Ping limits, but added notification if your ping is high.

  • Streamlined login for Steam

  • Rebalanced Plasma Explosives

  • Made icons for standard and steering wheels easier to distinguish in the hotbar

  • Rebalanced pricing of CRF robocraft prices

  • Players will now start with 1,000 robits

  • Lighting changes for the Vault & PLAY screen

  • Map will now select either Hela’s Basin or Iana Chaos at random

  • Added Pacific-Asia Servers

  • Improved a number of voice lines including a separate voice line that tells players to get into the “Powerful Robocraft” if they haven’t done so for a period of time.

  • Adjusted Plasma collisions to allow closer placements

Adjustments to wheels

  • Increased maximum stiffness in the tweakable

  • Reduced travel distance for upwards spring

  • Widened the collision in simulation

Bug Fixes

  • Characters in vault now have white glow instead of blue

  • Fixed an issue where aim servos can drift away from the crosshair if you are not moving the mouse but the robocraft is rotating

  • Fixed an issue where headlights on Subordinator did not change team colour

  • Parts can no longer be placed intersecting over the mirror line for a couple of frames

  • Fixed an issue where non QWERTY keyboards were unable to rebind keys to their correct keys

  • Fixed an issue where MMB on a seat or gun can lead to multiple aim ports being wired

  • The ‘press a key’ screen can no longer be clicked while the “Pre-alpha” popup is still present if timed correctly.

  • Fixed a memory leak in block connections when switching between machine saves in workshop

  • Fixed an issue where the character can take random damage from small inclines

  • The Marauder no longer drifts out of the spawn area if left untouched.

  • Fixed an issue where orientation toggle and mirror mode can lead to incorrect scaling

  • Fixed an issue where joining a game in progress will make the character face the wrong way

  • Character no longer slides/floats when jumping on ramps

  • Characters can now run properly when standing on the moving lift in the test zone map.

  • Fixed more camera issues where certain machines were causing it to bounce in and out

  • Improved Server validation to prevent exploits

  • Fixed an issue where when painting blocks in a sweeping motion with mirror mode on will cause a couple of mirrored parts to not be painted.

Thank you for being a part of the development! Check the battle calendar for the next online battle test times!

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