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First Playable Build Info - Confirmed blocks and UI changes

Hello everyone,

We are getting ready to release the first playable build for Robocraft 2!

One of the things we wanted to make clear is that this build will not feature any online combat. We still have a lot of work to do before we allow you to fight against others online in Robocraft 2. This is a development journey for us and we are overwhelmed by the huge support at such an early stage. Thank you!

The first playable build:

We wanted to give a bit of a rundown as to what the first playable build will allow you to do.

  • Build robots

  • Test drive your own robots

  • Upload your bot to the CRF2

  • Test drive other players' robots

Whilst there is no core battle/online gameplay right now, we are looking forward to test-driving the robots that you create! We have already uploaded a few robots, including the Banana kart that was revealed yesterday. We’re planning to have a few more robots uploaded that players will be able to try out before the build goes live.

UI Changes

We have been making a lot of UI changes to the game since we announced that we are evolving Techblox into Robocraft. Here is a look at the inventory menu which you will see when pressing the Tab button

One of the changes to the UI that we wanted to introduce was providing more information about block parts. When hovering over a block, the UI on the right side will update to display a description, its CPU cost, CPU type and its mass, along with other data for parts like engines and weapons.

Scalable Blocks

Every shape can be scaled in Robocraft 2. This allows you to create some really interesting shapes that were not possible in Robocraft. Here is a look at the blocks that you can scale

In the above image, you can see that you are also able to use posts in the creation of your robot. Previously, these were world editor exclusive in Techblox, but as part of the evolution to Robocraft, we felt these shapes would be useful for builders to use in their robots.

Scalable Plates

Another massive feature that is not available in the original Robocraft are plates. These are one-third the height of a block and whilst they are scalable, they can only be scaled in two axes. These are very powerful blocks that allow for incredible creative freedom when making a robot.

Movement parts

We are beginning with a small set of movement parts, but we will introduce many more throughout Robocraft 2’s development. In the initial release, we will focus on wheeled robots. Here are the parts needed to create a wheeled robot.


Of course, you can equip your robot with weapons and use them! We currently have two variants each of the Autocannon and the Plasma Cannon.

Logic, Math and Sensor Blocks

These are blocks that allow you to give your robot some programmable functions. Mixed together with other parts you’ll be able to create some really interesting actions. This is a feature that will be used by very experienced players and we’re looking forward to seeing what people use these blocks for.

Passive Joints

These are movable joints which do not have an input. This means that they are reactive physic blocks and cannot be interacted with by using programming.

However, you can edit the spring items using the config mode to adjust their properties

Powered Joints

These are advanced joints which can be configured and affected by the pilot seat, logic blocks and sensors. You can create an assortment of automated systems using these joints.

Aim Servos

The most powerful joints for combat are the Aiming Axle and Hinge servos which allow you to point these joints towards a place in the world that the player crosshair is pointing towards. You can use these to create gun turrets/rotating platforms

Here is a look at the widget menu, showing the input connection that players will use to wire up the pilot seat, logic blocks and sensors

Cosmetic Items

These items are traditionally used to improve the visual look of your vehicle. We have only two cosmetic items for the first launch which are the headlamp indicator and the headlamp strip. You can configure this part's widget and adjust its brightness and paint it to change its colour.

We will share more news on the date of the first playable demo soon. Please make sure to add the game to your wishlist on Steam and follow our socials to keep up to date with Robocraft 2 news.

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