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Flying Begins! Update Live! - Patch Notes

Updated: Mar 30

Hello Robocrafters!

The Update is now live and will allow you to create your very first flying machines (The wheels glitch doesn’t count!)...

This is a huge update and we’re looking forward to seeing how this changes the battle in multiplayer games. We won’t have to wait long as we’ll have our next Online Battle test starting this Friday!

Here are the new features and changes in this update!


Thrusters will allow you to propel yourself forward and sideways while in the air. They have the ability to allow you to create very fast flying robocraft when combined with another important part…


The Antigravity Block is pretty simple. It provides a force that is always directed upwards. This force is more powerful than any of the Thrusters can provide so in general it’s better to use these to lift your flying Robot as opposed to using Thrusters.

This block has a Power tweakable stat which allows you to balance its lift power. There is also an input port allowing you to wire controls to it to allow you to control ascent and descent.


We’ve updated the buildings within the map to these lovely new textured variants. Buildings were something that we introduced during Robocraft Royale and we’ve been pretty pleased with how they fit within the map of Iana Chaos and the potential for the future.

These buildings are built out of a selection of shapes and means that we can construct and reshape them very easily. There is potential for new maps which feature huge buildings with multiple levels to ascend.

We’ve updated the Laser VFX and its damage model. You can read more detailed information about the changes in this blog… But we can all agree that the new Laser VFX looks awesome! Battles are going to look a lot more spectacular when a whole 5 vs 5 team is engaging in combat!


You will soon be able to adjust the colours of the robots you purchased from the CRF using the palette system. You will collect various palette’s in game and via our socials. Check it out in action below:


Customise your profile by using an assortment of frames, avatars and banners. We are working on a huge number of these for the future and have got some draw dropping cosmetics coming your way! There’s one particular avatar that has been coveted in the Freejam Office for a little while, but it’s not quite ready to show you all yet.

We’ll be releasing Founder codes today an hour after the update goes live. These codes will be active for 24 hours:

  • Founders Avatar -

  • Founders Avatar (Gold) - Limited use of 200

  • Founders Frame

  • Founders Frame (Gold) -Limited use of 200

  • Founders Banner

  • Founders Banner (Gold) - Limited use of 200

These codes will be periodically given out again at later dates. So if you are not successful in obtaining these codes today, you will have other chances to obtain them.


We’ve made some visual improvements to the main menu. You’ll now see your currently selected player skin and switchplate as well as your profile banner above your character. This really helps polish up the experience of playing the game.

Additionally, we’ve been working on a way to better communicate the next online playtest sessions and have come up with the Online Battle Test Calander. You will now see a list of all upcoming tests including their times, region and your ping.

The next online Battle Test happens on Friday 31st of March 15:00 UTC for EU. And a second test for NA happening on Sunday 2nd of April 01:00 UTC for NA

Thanks everyone for reading, we’ll launch the update tomorrow along with some codes for profile customisation.

Balance Changes


Converted into a projectile-based weapon.

  • Mass reduced from 40Kg to 22.5Kg

  • Recoil Force reduced from 30Kn to 15Kn

  • Innacuracy spread reduced from 3 degrees to 2 degrees

  • Accuracy recovery time reduced from from 1.75s to 1s


  • Damage adjusted from 7.5 to 430 (This damage is split among a number of separate ‘shrapnel’-like projectiles after impact)

  • Mass reduced from 75Kg to 45Kg

Material Rebalance

  • Airium:

  • Increased Connection Strength from 1.6 to 2.1

  • Moderonium

  • Increased Connection Strength from 2 to 3

Protonium Crystal

  • Health increased by 50%

Perimeter values

Fixed perimeter values for the following parts:

  • Nameplate (slight decrease in strength)

  • Destruction Sensor (slight increase in strength)

  • Posts (should fix connections having infinite health)

Increased perimeter values for the following parts:

  • Laser & Plasma 50% stronger

  • Aiming Servos/Hinge 50% stronger

These changes should shift the focus from destroying an enemy's turrets slightly, encouraging disabling their movement and other core parts.

Engines & Wheels Slight rebalance to engines and wheels to account for simple aerodynamic drag.

Other Changes

New accounts now start with:

  • 2 downloaded CRF robots

  • 1 editable ‘frame’ robot

  • 5000 Robits

High Ping notification system in-game

  • Lets you know if you have excessively high ping, to call out that issues may arise

Grid Boundary visuals updated.

Added a way to self damage your robocraft in test mode. There are two turrets which can be operated and will allow you to damage your own robocraft to test its structural integrity.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with occasional projectile discrepancy between visuals and damage

  • Fixes for a couple of errors that could occur when editing wires

  • Fixed an error that could occur when using CTRL+X to cut precons

  • Entering simulation while swapping robot will not longer allow you to enter with an invalid robot, or cause you to get stuck infinitely loading

  • Improvements to the camera when playing Robocrafts that adjust their shape

  • Fix for the camera getting zoomed out very far after taking damage in certain situations

  • Fix for test map preferences not always saving

  • Fix for switchplate skins sometimes not appearing correctly in sim

  • Fix for character skins not dissolving correctly on death/recall

  • Fix for the BGM in simulation not switching correctly

  • Fixes for promocode related errors & messaging

  • Forcefields now correctly apply damage to robots on contact

  • Fixed the Inventory getting things mixed up when swapping category

  • Improvements to error handling when connection loss happens

  • Fix for ghost cubes looking visually flipped in some cases

  • Vault rarity highlights are now coloured based on rarity

  • Discord button no longer appears in the CRF

  • Loading icon on the CRF made larger

  • Fixed small wheel mesh to be round

  • Fixed extra recall audio at world origin

  • Headlamps are now emissive based on their input in simulation

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