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Helas Basin 3CP Map Coming Soon

Hello Robocrafters!

We’re releasing a new update later this week and we wanted to reveal the return of one of Robocraft 2’s original maps, redesigned as a 3CP objective.

This is Hela’s Basin!

This redesign was built completely from scratch, a brand new layout with some small similarities to the original including crater-shaped terrain with flank routes around the edges of the map.

The large central building houses the midpoint

This is a particularly large area and in our public tests has housed some chaotic battles!

There are a number of routes connecting the mid tower to the other towers but there is one feature that this map has that others do not…

This is a forcefield which is very close to the mid-tower. It is also the fastest route between your teams near tower and the mid-tower. Only your team can go through this! This allows you to return to your near tower quickly to help your team defend!

The enemy also has their own forcefield to protect their own nearby tower, and you will not be able to travel through it.

In addition, there are multiple corridors which will lead to some close-quarter spaces and a shorter line of sight!

Here are a few clips from a recent internal test!

Hela’s Basin will be part of the next update. Stay tuned tomorrow for a full list of patch notes before we release the update on Thursday!

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