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Huge Update Coming - Smaller Wheels Auto Braking, Precon Flipping

Hello Robocrafters,

We hope you all had a good read through the latest Robo Herald and have deciphered some of the features which will be part of our next update!


Included with our next update will be the Small Wheels. The existing wheels will be renamed Standard Wheels. Both types of wheels are linked to and powered by the same engine which is itself modelled realistically (with proper power to rpm curve, gearing, etc.). So the only differences between the two wheel types are physical ones that you would get in the real world if you linked smaller wheels and suspension to the same engine:

  • Smaller connection point area [with a subsequent smaller perimeter for the weld] so a weaker strength of connection with your Robots chassis

  • Smaller diameter wheel, which can increase acceleration for medium and heavier vehicles (this is probably the main benefit)

  • Smaller overall size, so easier to conceal or protect

  • Less contact area with the ground, so slightly less grip

  • Less travel range in the suspension, although the springs are equally as strong [as the Standard variant]

They also look cool!

In the image below we’ve placed the small wheels at the front of the machine to show off the size and its unique texture


Alongside the small wheel we’ve made an adjustment to the wheels in general. Previously players had to hook up their brake systems manually (and they can still do that if they want!), but this meant that there were a lot of players slamming face-first into the environment!

The next update will include an auto braking system for all machines which will not require players to wire up their seats to the brakes. Check out the comparison video below to see how this dramatically affects braking distance. In this video, both machines are holding S to slow down when the “Braking now” text is flashing on screen.

Additionally, when reversing, the auto braking also applies when trying to move forward, so it will be easier than ever to change direction to either forward or backwards


The next update will include the groundwork towards one of our most requested features for Robocraft 2… Mirror Mode.

This is quite a difficult task and so we’ve decided to implement this feature in stages. The very first stage is the ability to flip Precons. The code that has allowed us to achieve this will be used towards a full version of Mirror mode. We are now working towards the next phase! Check out Precon flipping below:

We’ll reveal more info on the next update on Monday. But please do join the Online Battle Tests this weekend! Europe: Friday 17th February at 16:00 GMT

North America: Sunday 19th February at 01:00 GMT

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