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Iana Chaos Redesign Now Live!

Hello Robocrafters!

We had a lot of positive feedback from players regarding Ma’adim Terminus’ game objectives of 3CP. Our plan is to convert the previous two maps Iana Chaos and Helas Basin into 3CP objectives in preparation for the Steam Next Fest demo and the games release into Early Access later this year.

This will require some changes to the landscape and buildings within each map. Today we want to introduce you to the redesigned Iana Chaos!

Development has taken place in the central area which has resulted in a large building which houses the central control point. It will be a dash to reclaim this point and the long road will allow many ground vehicles to build up great speed to attack the point.

This large structure offers the best protection for ground units. Inside there are a number of walls and flanking routes for you to explore. There are in total six entrances to the central point so you’ll need to keep an eye out for flanking enemies... From above, you can really see the scale of this central building!

Those with good off-road robocraft can use the new side road to try and flank the enemy

We are looking forward to seeing what sort of tactics will emerge from this new map when players get to try it online later this week!

Iana Chaos and Ma’adim Terminus are both active in the current rotation for map selection and will be selected at random during matchmaking.

Here are the times for this week's online battle test! They will all last two hours each unless stated otherwise


22 August 2023 14:00 UTC (One hour long)

25 August 2023 17:00 UTC

26 August 2023 17:00 UTC

27 August 2023 17:00 UTC


25 August 2023 22:00 UTC

26 August 2023 22:00 UTC

27 August 2023 22:00 UTC


26 August 2023 10:00 UTC

27 August 2023 10:00 UTC

28 August 2023 10:00 UTC

Other Changes

Server Optimizations

  • Current bandwidth had been reduced to ~700kb/s to 800kb/s in internal tests. We still need to address some increases over the duration of the match and spikes along with the planned reduction to ~400kb/s in future.

Hide HUD Toggle

Available in the General tab of the Settings menu

Will disable all in-game HUD & UI in simulation, excluding the following

  • Notifications

  • Robocraft selection/CRF on the switchplate

  • Victory/Defeat screen

Improvements to camera popping

  • Fixes the camera jumping forwards as you ascend/descend with the camera at certain angles

  • More improvements to prevent popping when weapons and other blocks have been knocked loose, or block the camera are planned



  • Reduced damage at maximum range from 900 to 810

  • Reduced Penetration Energy at maximum range from 70,000 to 59,500


  • Penetration Resistance correctly set to 7,500 (Was previously 6,500 in the last update)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a number of server crashes

  • Fixed an error that could occur when rejoining matches after the server crashed (Also cleans up the empty notification that would appear)

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