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Introducing All-In-One Turrets

We are working on a number of onboarding features for players and whilst we are actively improving that experience, we wanted to introduce the first phase of this onboarding system to help new players get into Robocraft 2.

Players across our discord and other communities have been sharing the rotating platforms video (You know the one!) for what seems like an eternity! And in Robocraft 2, this type of system is entirely possible using aiming axles and aiming hinges.

Most of the community has understood how to design their own gun rig system. But it has proven to be a technique which some players are still experiencing some difficulty with. Our plan for the future is to make building using joints more accessible and we have some ideas on how we can do this AND make building more intuitive for even experienced builders! We’ll reveal more news on that in the future

We want players to feel like if they’ve ever built a robocraft in Robocraft 1, they have a good enough knowledge to start building a robocraft in Robocraft 2…

We want players to build something quickly at first, and say “Oh! It just works!”... Then you begin to teach them more of the incredible and complex things you can do with the tools in Robocraft 2.

So, what’s the first phase?

All-In-One Turrets!

These are found in the weapons tab in your inventory and are self-contained gun rigs which can be placed down and used without ever needing to wire anything up. They work very similarly to turrets placed in the original Robocraft.

The All-In-One turrets were created after observing many players struggling with self-built turrets in our first Steam Playtest and after consulting the community on the Discord forums. We are introducing them, not to replace self-built turrets, but to provide an easier alternative for new players as they get used to building within Robocraft 2.

There are four variants of the All-In-One turrets including the Standard Laser Turret

And the Small Laser Turret

Then there is also the Standard Plasma Turret

And the Small Plasma Turret

Select them in the weapons tab, plonk them down onto your machine and they will just work!

The All In One Turrets will still use the wiring system so if you want to reconfigure them you are able to do so:

The All-In-One turrets use up firepower equivalent to the guns if they were self-built. But do not use any base CPU.

Aiming hinge servos and aiming axle servos can still be used to create custom gun rigs! The All-In-One Turrets are not designed to replace or supersede the self-built turrets, they are designed to work well enough to compete but a well-built self-built turret will provide a fairly small advantage over the All-In-One Turrets.

Regarding balancing the All-In-One turrets, We can control the perimeter width of the connection with the body as well as the health of each joint in order to balance these versus self-built turrets. We want to keep the fire rate, damage, splash radius etc. the same as the self-built versions

The next online battle test will happen at the following times and will last two hours:

EU Friday 16th June at 15:00 UTC

NA Saturday 17th June at 22:00 UTC

Asia & Oceania Saturday 17th June at 08:00 UTC

The Asia and Oceania servers are in Singapore and Sydney respectively. This will be the first time players from these regions will be able to play. We are not yet certain about the types of player numbers we will see for these regions so if you happen to know anyone from that region that would like to play, please let them know!

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