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Join the Robocraft 2 Playtest!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Go to the Robocraft Steam Page and CLICK the big Green Playtest Button to sign up!

A gif of the Robocraft Steam Page. It zooms in towards a big green "Request access" button. A mouse cursor clicks it. It then shows text displaying that the application has been recieved.


Good! We’re running a closed Playtest which starts TOMORROW! This is an exciting chance to play a version of the game before it opens up to everyone else!

We’ll be inviting players to the Playtest regularly, so make sure you check your emails as Steam will notify you when you’ve been selected!

For those who get access to the Playtest tomorrow, you can:

Share footage and images with other players anywhere! Be it via our Discord, tiktok or posting to our X account.

if you haven't done so already, go and sign up for the playtest now!

Robocraft 2 Team


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