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Updated: Aug 31

Hello Robocrafters!

The latest Robocraft 2 update IS NOW LIVE

If you like to equip your robocraft with the flashiest of materials, we’ve got you covered!

If you want to play the latest map reworked with 3CP gameplay, we’ve got you covered!

If you speak Spanish, we’ve got you covered!

Heck, if you like flashy animation transitions in the main menu, we’ve also got you covered!

This release lays the foundation for our plans for cosmetics by introducing cosmetic materials which are specially designed shaders to make your robocraft look completely unique to others with ease! It also includes some beautifully designed cosmetic items like QMG’s which will spice up your player character and make everyone gather round and praise your style!

if Robocraft 2 can be accused of being Pay 2 Win, it’s only because your sense of fashion is either so impeccable it deserves to be admired by your peers and thus a spontaneous fashion show breaks out… Or that you’ve equipped a bunch of really weird looking cosmetics and no one takes you seriously…

How you choose to present yourself, is up to you! And this is just the beginning.


One of the huge features of this update is the ability to change the look of a material via the use of cosmetic materials! We plan on introducing hundreds of these in the future. You’ll be able to equip up to three different materials on your robot.

Here’s a look at a robocraft fully coated in Streaky Hex Illuminum!

Read more here:


The new island on the battle matrix includes the new cosmetic materials! This is the penultimate island for our first ever Battle Matrix so stay tuned for more details on the next island soon! There will be a new battle matrix available when we launch onto Steam Early Access

A few of these items can be unlocked for free while levelling up but there are a few items which can only be earned with an upgraded battle Matrix.

Check out the island below:

There are a total of 6 cosmetic materials that can be earned. There is also a colour palette to use on your robocraft or robocraft downloaded from the CRF, a profile banner and a profile avatar.


The Item shop is a cosmetic storefront which allows you to use Galaxy Cash to purchase items. Many items from the Battle Matrix will re-appear on the item shop, but they will cost significantly more making the Battle Matrix the most cost effective way to spend your Galaxy Cash in terms of value.

There will be some special items that debut on the item shop first and we’ve revealed a couple of them in an earlier blog, like these QMG Duality weapons

The item shop refreshes stock daily and EVERYONE will see the same items. This allows us to create announcements when a particular item is now purchaseable.

There are not that many items at the moment so you’ll see many of the same items repeatedly every other day. Over time we’ll be adding more items which debut on the item shop and will be releasing many of the items from previous seasons of the Battle Matrix

Read more here:


Hela’s Basin has been completely reworked to fit the 3CP gameplay that both Iana Chaos and Ma’adim Terminus feature. We shared a short video of our internal playtests yesterday, if you missed it check it out below!

The core features of this map include a large middle base with partially protected roof and forcefields doorways that are exclusive for each team which allow them to travel quickly between the mid point and their near point. Read more here:

The Subordinator in Hela’s basin has been improved so it’s far more sturdy. It now has an unobtanium coat and will be able to withstand greater damage.

NB: The Subordinator has not been updated for Iana Chaos or Ma’adim Terminus yet but will be soon.

This weekend's playtest will mean that all three maps will be in active rotation!


The update will launch with support for several languages including:

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Russian

  • Japanese

  • Simplified Chinese

To change your language you will need to log out of your account, then select if from a dropdown under the normal login options.


Balance & Other Changes


  • Damage increased from 13 to 14


  • Recharge Time increased from 2s to 2.5s


  • Damage reduced from 810 to 590

  • Penetration reduced from 59,500kJ to 43,000kJ

Optimizations to materials to lower RAM usage

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed errors that could happen when respawning Robocraft during destruction

  • More fixes for server crashes

  • Fix for error when selecting older Precons

  • Fix for crashes when returning from test mode simulation

  • Fix for errors that could happen when reaching the main menu with certain timings

  • Fixed an error that could occur when placing parts copied with MMB

  • Improvements to some mars road tiles to reduce bounce & snagging

  • Fix for broken strings in the Material inventory

  • Fix for colour palette sometimes resetting on CRF bots


We’ve been accepted to participate in the Save & Sound event next month, starting September 11th.

This is a sound and music event and we’ve created a special ten minute video which goes into the process of making some of our music events in Robocraft 2 and a look at some world editor features which use sound.

A full schedule of the event showing off all the games involved can be found below. All times are in PDT


We’ve been working through a number of feedback from players and whilst we don;t have anything to share relating to those discussions, I’d personally like to thank everyone who has provided us with feedback. We heard a lot from many of those I’d say who are regular players and we’re hoping to find a solution that will allow newer players to help provide feedback of their experience too.

We have a very long road ahead of us, and I assure you we’re going to be doing our very best to really polish up and improve the game over the coming months.

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