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Logic And Maths Coming To Robocraft 2

One of the huge features that we are introducing into Robocraft 2 that was not part of the original game is Logic Blocks. These are very powerful chips which allow you to program a variety of functions into your robot. Check them out below:

Here’s a list of the blocks that will be available:

- AND Gate

- OR Gate

- NOT Gate

- NAND Gate

- NOR Gate

- XOR Gate

- XNOR Gate

- Adder Math Block

- Subtractor Math Block

- Multiplier Math Block

- Divider Math Block

- Sign Math Block

- Average Math Block

- Absolute Math Block

- Min Math Block

- Max Math Block

- Equals Math Block

- Less than Math Block

- Less than or equal Math Block

- Greater than Math Block

- Greater than or equal Math Block

- Constant Block

- Counter Block

- Timer Block

- Bit Block

We’re planning to use these blocks to enhance a test mode that we’re working on for Robocraft 2

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