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Manned Turrets and Automated Self Defence System

Hello Robocrafters!

Over the last week we’ve been sharing a lot of info on the objective structures on Mars and today we wanted to go into a few defensive structures that are present to help defend your fusion towers and reactor core.

In the original Robocraft, the map did not have interactive elements and the map did not change as the match progressed (aside from the Protonite Core). For Robocraft 2 we are planning to create dynamic environments with destructible features that react to the battle. This could come in the form of an automated defence system, bridges which would allow for shortcuts or even a giant multi-manned megabot which could turn the tide of battle.

Manned Turrets

These are powerful but stationary turrets in the world which can only be used by the team it has been assigned. For Hela’s Basin, we’ve placed them close to the fusion towers so that they can be used as a powerful defensive turret. These are indestructible, but you can shoot the pilot.

Other maps in the future may have a number of other defensive measures to help players defend their objectives.

Automated Self Defence System

Previously we revealed the Reactor Core which would expose itself when the fusion towers were destroyed. Another event that occurs when all fusion towers are destroyed, is the area around the Reactor Core will activate the Automated Self Defence system. Four turrets will spawn and will automatically aim at the nearest enemy player and begin firing a volley of plasma shots.

These turrets are destructible, but they will take a considerable amount of damage to disable them.

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