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Mirror Mode Coming Soon!

Hello, Robocrafters!

One of the biggest features that is mentioned more than anything else, is Mirror Mode. This is something that has been a pretty big challenge for us and we wanted to share some progress on this feature.

Firstly, the Hotbar has been updated to include a new icon, set to the V Key!

Tapping the V Key will toggle on and off Mirror Mode. This is represented by a long red line on the floor.

The mirror line can be adjusted using the bracket keys [ ] to move the line left and right respectively.

As you can see in the gif above the mirror line increases and decreases in size. This is so that players can choose whether they want their creation to be an even or an odd number of blocks wide.

Mirror mode will work for all blocks and works really well for adding armour and detailing to an existing frame, reducing the time significantly in creating a robocraft.

Painting your machine can also be done whilst in mirror mode too! But if you turn off Mirror mode whilst painting, it will paint blocks individually.

Mirror Mode will be released in the next update! Stay tuned for more info.

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