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UPDATE NOW LIVE! Mirror Mode, Landscape Changes Team Colour

Updated: May 17

Hello Robocrafters! An update Is NOW LIVE!

Mirror Mode!

We’ve heard you… Mirror mode is one of our most requested features. The word “mirror” is used over 900 separate times on our Discord!

Tomorrow, you’ll be able to experience the full creative power that mirror mode will give you! Our Community Manager, Chris has been pestering the team to work on Mirror Mode for months and now it’s finally here! Prove why this feature was the most requested feature EVER and make some awesome robocraft with this tool, for Chris’ sake!

Landscape Changes

We’ve made some adjustments to the landscape edges of Iana Chaos to make them look a little more natural. This should provide a nicer battleground to explore whilst in combat as you will not see the rectangular edges of the landscape tiles.

We will also look to improve the landscape tiles in the main playable area in the future.

Welcome to the Blue Team, permanently!

Early on in testing, we noticed that players would often spend their time shooting red crystals and players with red team names… Even if they were on the red team!

This not only affected new players but also experienced players. There were a number of things that we could have experimented with, but after seeing you all aggressively attack the colour red for reasons unknown to us… We thought we’d just keep you all on the blue team so you can shoot as many red-coloured objects as you want…

Unity Upgrade

We have upgraded Robocraft 2 to the latest version of Unity. Ultimately this is good news for both players and the development team, but we don't have any exact information to share right now on how this affects players. It’s likely you won’t see a drastic difference initially, but we believe this will help with optimisation in the future.

Golden QMG is coming

In the near future, we will be releasing codes for the Golden QMG. We’ve previously shared all codes so far via our Discord but we will be sharing a number of them on our socials and in emails to our mailing list. To make sure you stay in the loop, make sure to follow us on all socials below:

Sign up to our mailing list from the site Join the Discord

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Collision System Rebalance

As you know, in RC2 collisions between robocraft and the terrain and robocraft with other robocraft cause damage and destruction. Although this is a key feature of RC2 it has produced some random results. Super light fliers made of Airium can hit things pretty fast and not be damaged (much) and large heavy robocraft made from Ladium can have blocks seemingly falling away just by driving over a bump.

The way the system works is to take the measured impulse force at the point of any collision and calculate the amount of damage based on that force.

We’ve done some work to normalise this impulse with the total mass of the cluster (entire connected robocraft) which has given better results we think and this is what you should see more:

  • A super light flier made from Airium crashes into a cliff full speed… head first into another flier causes a lot of destruction

  • A heavy ladium vehicle crashing into a similar robocraft at full speed head-on causes a lot of destruction

  • But, in heavy vs. light robocraft, the light one will come off noticeably worse

  • Also, light or medium-weight vehicles that have placed ladium in key places to protect against collisions will notice that this helps more than it does in previous iterations

Other Changes

  • Improved server-side validation of robots when playing in multiplayer

  • Added notifications that explain why parts fail to place

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when placing functional parts after using precons and MMB

  • Fixed an error that could occur when too many weapon VFX were playing at once

  • Fixed a notification related error when playing online

  • Tweaks to collision audio to avoid constant ‘clunking’ when driving

  • Placing parts on Anti-grav blocks should no longer cause an offset grid

  • Potential fixes for subordinator spawn glitches

  • Fixed an issue with the color picker using the wrong HSV values when editing colors

  • Character can no longer respawn and jump next to their vehicle after death

  • Fixed incorrect audio channel for Anti-grav blocks

  • Audio adjustments to the modes and toggles in build mode

  • Forcefield should now deal damage to characters more consistently

  • Further fixes to wheels being used for flight/steering

  • Removed some audio clips on powered joints to prevent constant hissing/clicking noises

  • Fix for end game banner animation issues

  • AI robots and auto turrets will now correctly aim at the character

  • Fix for some emissive materials on Founders Switchplates

  • Repositioned character on the PLAY screen to avoid clipping

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