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New Customisation Options, Season One Date

Hello Robocrafters!

We wanted to let you know about our plans for the next few weeks as we prepare to release Robocraft 2 into Early Access on November 7th!

Bug fixing, polish and optimisation!

We are going to be addressing a few bugs, looking at optimising our bandwidth and memory usage and whenever possible work on a bit of extra polish! One of our developers is also looking at adding partial controller support while in battle too!

The Founders Battle Matrix Is Ending

To everyone who has supported us by playing and upgrading during this time on the launcher, thank you for your support!

This season of the Battle Matrix will be coming to an end on the 24th of October 2023 After this time, these items will all enter the item shop rotation and can be purchased individually with GC.

A New Type Of Customisation Is Coming

We want to provide you with more customisation options in the future and a key part of this customisation is to allow you to easily switch between awesome cosmetic items. We began work on switching cosmetics out with cosmetic materials and colour palettes. But what if we wanted to switch cosmetic wheels?

Not only will you be able to quickly switch out the cosmetic parts you’re using, you’ll also be able to switch the cosmetic parts out for any robocraft that you downloaded via the CRF.

We’re starting with wheels first and these will be featured on the item shop later this week.

This cosmetic part switching will apply to other parts in the future like weapons, pilot seats and more!

Season One Begins Soon!

We have a huge launch in Early Access on the 7th of November so we are planning to launch Season one shortly after 24th of October 2023 for players who are using the launcher and are on the Playtest branch*.

This will give those players roughly two weeks headstart to unlock new items from the Battle Matrix and allow you to help us locate any major bugs. There are a lot of code changes happening in this update on the 24th of November and if we can identify any bugs during this time and fix them before we open the game up to thousands of players, it would be really helpful and ensure the best launch possible!

There Will Be More Functional Parts And New Features!

We’ve spoken a lot about cosmetic items recently but I wanted to assure you that we will be adding other types of items in the future including a variety of features like undo, a new map with a different gameplay objective and of course more parts like hovers and tank tracks. We have huge plans for the future and can't wait to reveal more info very soon! *Playtest branch players are unable to spend money on cosmetic items in the item shop or upgrade the battle matrix. But they can earn XP in preparation for the games full launch on November 7th!

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