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New Lighting System Coming!

Hello Robocrafters!

We wanted to talk about an upcoming change that will improve the visual quality of Robocraft 2. A new lighting system! Check out a preview of it below:

The Robocraft 2 engine uses “Deferred lighting” which means that it can support many lights in an environment with minimal impact on rendering performance. If these lights were set to cast shadows, this would be more impactful on the performance.

We are planning to provide a number of graphical settings that impact how many lights are active.

  • Fastest graphical settings lighting will be disabled

  • Fast and Normal will have lighting enabled but fewer lights active

  • Good & Beautiful will have lighting enabled and the maximum number of lights active

This is just the first of our graphical improvements to the game during the development of Robocraft 2. This lighting may make it into the Next Fest demo on October 9th, so stay tuned!

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