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New Map! The Subordinator! Buy Robots with Robits!

Hello Robocrafters! The next update will include a brand new map for online play during the next Online Battle Test… Iana Chaos!


Iana Chaos is our newest map, set on the surface of Mars. One of the core features of this map is speed as there are long stretches of road between the bases and the fusion towers… Oh, and a new powerful robot capable of resisting a ton of incoming damage from enemy robots and inflicting a barrage of destruction unlike any other machine created so far.

Your objective on Iana Chaos is to destroy the enemy team's fusion towers. Unlike Hela’s basin, each team will have three towers which can be destroyed in any order. Once they all fall, it’s game over!

As towers fall, the team matching that colour will be presented with a powerful robot spawning at their base to help level the playing field… The Subordinator!

This machine is a state of the art high powered machine which will give any robot a run for its robits.

  • 8 Plasma weapons

  • 6 Laser weapons

  • Totalling around 2,000 CPU

  • Increased expected acceleration

Driving the Subordinator as a solo pilot will only allow you to use the 6 front-mounted laser weapons. This is effectively the same power as a normal robot brought into battle… But the robot shines when a second pilot enters the Subordinator!

Whilst a second player is active, the 8 plasma weapons on the top of the subordinator will be used exclusively by the second pilot. Unlike the lasers, this has a 360-degree rotation and can be used to protect all angles!

This machine will also make use of a new material which has stronger connection strength than even Ladium. The Subordinator’s front bumper is the primary area where this material is placed and is used for ramming other machines without dealing too much damage to itself.

Only one Subordinator will be active per team at a single time, so make sure you use it wisely while it is on the battlefield!

The Iana Chaos map will be a selectable test area in the next update. We are planning to run an Online Battle Test at the following times so make sure to book it in your calendar! The times below are in your local time:

This Week

EU Online Battle Test Time: Friday 24th of February at 16:00 GMT NA Online Battle Test Time: Sunday 26th of February at 01:00 GMT

Next Week

EU Online Battle test Time: Friday 3rd of March 16:00 GMT

NA Online Battle Test Time Saturday 5th of March 01:00 GMT

Here’s some footage taken from some internal tests featuring the Subordinator including some Subordinator vs Subordinator clips

Purchase Robots With Robits!

The CRF2 will receive a significant upgrade in the next update. As you may know, you can test any robot uploaded to the CRF. But you were not able to use them in battle during the online battle tests.

That all changes in just a couple of days! You will be able to use Robits that you have earned in online battles to purchase robots uploaded to the CRF2.

The CRF2 is now selectable via the tab at the top of the main menu window. Selecting that will show you a list of Robots.

You can see its cost in both Robits and Galaxy Cash in the bottom right corner. Clicking on a robot will bring you to a brand new screen where you will be able to inspect the machine in a little more detail:

From here you can see the machine and user name, the description and a list of stats in the top right. You can use the mouse to rotate the machine too!

If you want to purchase this machine, Use either Robits or Galaxy Cash and will see a confirmation window to make sure that you want to purchase this robot!

Once purchased, the robot will appear in your “My downloads” list on the CRF2 and in the “My Robot” list when using the Switch Plate. You can use this robot online to battle against other players.

You will not be able to edit this robot, but in the future, you will be able to customise its colour palette.

Players who sell their Robots on the CRF2 will be given a percentage of purchases made in both Robits and Galaxy Cash. This feature is not yet available and will not apply retroactively when it is introduced.

The Vault

The vault is an upgraded character selection screen with a 3D viewer. Check it out in the video below:

In the future, the Vault will be used to display your unlocked cosmetic items, including new character skins, cosmetic parts and even customise your player profile which we shared in an earlier blog.

Information on Precon Flipping

We had previously unveiled precon flipping in the last announcement but unfortunately this feature will not launch as part of the next update. There are still a few issues that we need to resolve before it is made public. We may introduce a hotfix in the coming weeks that will add precon flipping, or it may be part of the next planned update. We will do our best to keep you informed.

Online Battle Test Planned Later This Week!

We are running a test later this week. Please see below for times in your local time zone. These tests will last approximately two hours and will feature the new map Iana Chaos

EU Online Battle Test Time: Friday 24th of February at 16:00 GMT NA Online Battle Test Time: Sunday 26th of February at 01:00 GMT

We can't wait to see you on the battlefield!

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