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New Structure Spotted!

Hello Robocrafters, A few days ago we shared the first look at Protonium Crystals. They may look a little different, but they still serve the same purpose as they did in the original Robocraft. You are going to shoot them! But they don't just explode, instead, chunks will fly off these blocks and they will disconnect from the structure they are placed on if you deal enough damage

Some veterans may remember the fusion towers from the original Robocraft. We are bringing them back in Robocraft 2. However, they will look a little different.

These fusion towers look different to the original fusion towers, missing the huge dome above them. But if you deal enough damage the tower will enter two defensive states to protect the Protonium Crystals.

These shields will make it difficult to attack the tower at long range and you’ll need to get up close to the reactor to get a clear shot.

There are two fusion towers per team, Destroying your enemy's fusion towers is just one of the objectives.

It’s important to note that these towers are part of Hela’s Basin…We are anticipating creating unique structures and objectives for different maps. With our map tools, it is easier than ever for us to release and create different objectives and maps that will provide alternative playstyles. We have a ton of ideas, but we wanted to start with structures and an environment that feels familiar to Robocraft veterans.

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