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New Technology! Edgewear

Hello Robocrafters!

Today we wanted to share some new technology with you that we’re working on. Edgewear!

If you’re not familiar with bevel rendering, it allows us to create smoother edges instead of infinitely sharp edges. Here’s an example of how bevel rendering looks while turned off and on.

A gif which displays the difference between bevel rendering turned  on  and off

As part of our focus on improving Robocraft 2’s visual fidelity, we’ve been working on a shader which works with the bevel rendering tech. Here’s a look at a machine which uses the new shader.

A tank which shows sign of wearing on edges

Along the edges you can see that the material looks a little different, this is edge wear! This effect is added procedurally in the post-process. It works in a similar way to the bevel, when edges are detected and the effect is added right at the end.

This effect should not slow your framerate because this uses the GPU and the game is currently CPU-limited, not GPU-limited.

As you build with this material type the edges of blocks will combine with other previously placed shapes. Check it out in the video below:

Edgewear will not be part of the next update, but we wanted to show you its progress so far! We’ll be revealing the content of the next update very soon, so stay tuned!

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