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Patch Notes - 05.04.2023 - Iana Chaos Changes, Laser & Thruster Balance

Hello Robocrafters,

We’ve released an update which addresses a number of issues that came out of the latest multiplayer test.

Map Changes

One core piece of feedback was that matches are ending way too quickly if one team decides to rush and focus objectives. We’ve made a couple of big changes to try and tackle this.

Objective pacing

Arguably the biggest change here is that we’ve shifted from having all 3 objectives active at the same time in favour of having them open up in sequence, reducing the pace of the rush tactic and focusing players in a smaller area at the start of the match.

When the battle commences there will only be one tower accessible for both teams - the furthest tower. Once this has been destroyed, or after a few minutes, the second objective opens up for that team, followed by the final objective.

These changes come with some new voice lines and UI tweaks to direct the flow of battle a little more.

In addition to this, each building has received a bit of an upgrade, with less openings for the attacking team and larger, more accessible openings for the defending team. Objectives that are not currently active will be blocked off by forcefields that only the defending team can enter. As soon as that objective becomes active, the forcefields go down.

The first and second tower also spin a bit faster, now spreading the damage across more crystals initially.

Crystal health has increased by 25%.

Balance & Other Changes


Small - Thrust Increased from 110 to 130

Standard - Thrust increased from 185 to 215


We found a couple of issues with the way we were handling inaccuracy that caused lasers to be fully inaccurate after the first shot and not recover when you stop shooting in the way we expected. We’ve addressed these and rebalanced these with new values that should feel more intuitive and less annoying to hit targets.

Lasers should feel more like SMGs in other games, starting out with the initial shots being highly accurate and rapidly getting more inaccurate as you spray (continuously fire), up to a certain point. When you stop firing this inaccuracy gradually resets. Note that these changes only affect the Laser.

Added some more info to the F8 menu to help us try and debug reported issues of lag when ping is shown as a reasonable value.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for server crashes that were happening last test

  • Potential fixes for the matchmaking screen showing incorrect players/empty player lists

  • Potential fixes for players spawning on the wrong switchplate

  • Potential fixes for the Subordinator glitching on respawn

  • Fixed an error that could occur when swapping a colour palette in the CRF 2

  • Fixed a bug with multiple wheel sizes giving more speed than intended

  • Fixed a couple of bugs with labels & lights not updating their colours correctly with palette changes

  • More changes that should prevent wheels from being used for flight

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