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Patch Notes - 22.02.2023 - New Map, Colour picking, CRF purchasing AND MORE

Updated: Feb 22

Hello everyone, The next update to Robocraft 2 is huge NOW LIVE! We’ve shared the contents of it over the last few days, but here’s a huge patch notes list of every single thing for your reading pleasure!

New Map - Iana Chaos

Our second map will take place on Mars

Your objective on Iana Chaos is to destroy the enemy team's fusion towers. Unlike Hela’s basin, each team will have three towers which can be destroyed in any order. Once they all fall, it’s game over!

As towers fall, the team matching that colour will be presented with a powerful robot spawning at their base to help level the playing field… The Subordinator!

This machine is a state of the art high powered machine which will give any robot a run for its Robits.

  • 8 Plasma weapons

  • 6 Laser weapons

  • Totalling around 2,000 CPU

  • Increased acceleration

Driving the Subordinator as a solo pilot will only allow you to use the 6 front-mounted laser weapons. This is effectively the same power as a normal robot brought into battle… But the robot shines when a second pilot enters the Subordinator!

Whilst a second player is active, the 8 plasma weapons on the top of the subordinator will be used exclusively by the second pilot. Unlike the lasers, this has a 360-degree rotation and can be used to protect all angles!

Check out this footage from our internal multiplayer tests featuring the Subordinator!

This map will be available to try out as a test map, but we will be running some online battle tests over the next couple of weeks, check the times below:

This Week

EU Online Battle Test Time: Friday 24th of February at 16:00 GMT NA Online Battle Test Time: Sunday 26th of February at 01:00 GMT

Next Week

EU Online Battle test Time: Friday 3rd of March 16:00 GMT NA Online Battle Test Time Saturday 5th of March 01:00 GMT

CRF 2 - Purchasing

The CRF2 will receive a significant upgrade in the next update. As you may know, you can test any robot uploaded to the CRF. But you were not able to use them in battle during the online battle tests.

You will be able to use Robits that you have earned in online battles to purchase robots uploaded to the CRF2.

Clicking on any of the robots on the CRF will let you inspect it further and even allow you to test drive it. You can then choose whether or not to purchase this robot with your Robits.

Once purchased, the robot will appear in your “My downloads” list on the CRF2 and in the “My Robot” list when using the Switch Plate. You can use this robot online to battle against other players.

Check out the video below to see how it looks to buy a robot!

If you’re wondering how you will be able to earn Robits, you will do so by playing games online in our Online Battle Tests.

RGB Colour Picker

Express yourself using over 16 million colours with the RGB colour picker!

In the original Robocraft, free-to-play players were only able to use a small number of colours, whilst premium-for-life players were given a larger number of colours to pick from. In Robocraft 2, anyone who builds will be able to paint their robots any colour they want.

We’ve chosen to limit the total number of different colours per robot to six to complement the colour palette system we revealed a couple of weeks ago. In the future, players who download robots from the CRF2 will be able to flip the palettes of robots that they purchase from the CRF2. 6 colours are pretty common in palette generators.

As you use the RGB colour picker to select a colour, the RGB sliders and the hot bar will update in real-time… Even the robot behind the UI will update as you make changes.

Check it out in action below:

The Vault Upgrades

The vault is an upgraded character selection screen with a 3D viewer. Check it out in the video below:

In the future, the Vault will be used to display your unlocked cosmetic items, including new character skins, cosmetic parts and even customise your player profile which we shared in an earlier blog.

Smaller Wheels

This update will include the Small Wheels. The existing wheels will be renamed Standard Wheels. Both types of wheels are linked to and powered by the same engine which is itself modelled realistically (with proper power to rpm curve, gearing, etc.). So the only differences between the two wheel types are physical ones that you would get in the real world if you linked smaller wheels and suspension to the same engine:

  • Smaller connection point area [with a subsequent smaller perimeter for the weld] so a weaker strength of connection with your Robots chassis

  • Smaller diameter wheel, which can increase acceleration for medium and heavier vehicles (this is probably the main benefit)

  • Smaller overall size, so easier to conceal or protect

  • Less contact area with the ground, so slightly less grip

  • Less travel range in the suspension, although the springs are equally as strong [as the Standard variant]

They also look cool!

Auto Braking System

We’ve made an adjustment to the wheels in general. Previously players had to hook up their brake systems manually (and they can still do that if they want!), but this meant that there were a lot of players slamming face-first into the environment!

The next update will include an auto braking system for all machines which will not require players to wire up their seats to the brakes. Check out the comparison video below to see how this dramatically affects braking distance. In this video, both machines are holding S to slow down when the “Braking now” text is flashing on screen.

Other Changes

  • Increased bond strength of Ladium from 4 to 6

  • Autorespawn when the death timer ends without needing to press ‘R’

  • Dynamic respawn time in multiplayer based on which team is in the lead

  • Further CPU optimisations in simulation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some more client and server crashes

  • Fixed a bug with Wheel rigs placed horizontally not behaving correctly

Upcoming Online Battle Tests

The Iana Chaos map will be the core focus of the next online battle tests. Come play with us at the times below if you are based in Europe or North America

This Week

EU Online Battle Test Time: Friday 24th of February at 16:00 GMT NA Online Battle Test Time: Sunday 26th of February at 01:00 GMT

Next Week

EU Online Battle test Time: Friday 3rd of March 16:00 GMT NA Online Battle Test Time Saturday 5th of March 01:00 GMT

We hope to see you on the battlefield, whether you be in your own robot, or in a robot you purchased from the CRF2!

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