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Patch Notes - Robocraft 2's First Post EA update

Updated: Nov 22

Hello Robocrafters!

We’re pleased to share an update to Robocraft 2 which will launch tomorrow! This update aims to make weapons feel more impactful and exciting. We have also introduced a variety of adjustments to all three maps and fixed a number of bugs.

We've put into action a lot of plans based on the feedback you've given us in Steam reviews and on Discord. We'll continue to give you frequent updates as we work through all of that.

Weapon Improvements

We’ve made big changes to the laser so that it is now more of an impactful all-rounder weapon type. The weapon now has the power to shred enemies at a reasonable rate. Here’s a look at a 1v1 laser battle between two medium-weight machines.

You’ll see that blocks are being thrown all over the place, showing that you are dealing greater damage!

The Plasma has also undergone some big changes. We’ve introduced damage fall-off based on distance. Now shots up close will deal a lot more damage, and have a larger splash radius compared to shots further away. Here’s a comparison showing the damage fall off:

Rail has received a lot of love too. We've completely reworked the way rail penetration damage is applied in order to make the damage more satisfying and consistent against a broader range of robocraft build types.

The update will be live tomorrow and will include the following changes and bug fixes.

Map Changes

Map tweaks for Ma’adim Terminus

  • Extra cover outside spawn gate

  • Extra cover between spawn and mid point

  • Fix some forcefields that overlap landscape border

  • Elevator will now only be activated by occupied Robocraft

Map Tweaks for Iana Chaos

  • Extra cover outside spawn gate

  • Improved speed of the Subordinator

Map Tweaks for Helas Basin

  • Extra cover outside spawn gate

  • Fix some forcefields that overlap landscape border

  • Improved speed of the Judicator

  • Fix incorrectly coloured buildings

Other Changes

  • Changes to the health between connections system. Average bond strength of material used for all parts instead of minimum

  • Volume slider for the announcer added to the options menu

  • Added yellow lines/arrows to the rail cannon barrel in build mode so players understand where the cosmetic collision is

  • Robocraft now have collision when assembling on the switchplate to prevent characters walking into them and dying on spawn

  • Rebalanced weapon shake

  • QMG is much less intense

  • Lasers on Robocraft have been increased slightly

  • Wheels Orientation Improvements

  • Previously, wheels would rotate and turn based on the orientation of the Seat

  • Seats that were sideways, upside down etc. would often cause wheels to turn unexpectedly and need to be tweaked/rewired

  • Seats that are not attached to the same group of blocks as the wheels would cause them to rotate against each other

  • Wheel orientation is now defined by the garage bay i.e. forwards is always the direction of the arrow on the floor

  • N:B. Existing Robocraft that used seats in other rotations will need to rewire/tweak their wheels to return them to normal behaviour

  • All newly created Robocraft will use the new system

  • Existing CRF Robocraft will continue to use the old seat system to avoid making purchased Robocraft unusable

Bug Fixes

  • Single blocks left behind after destruction are no longer indestructible

  • Fix for a crash when swapping account

  • Improvements to fail and retry states when connection drops happen

  • Selecting blocks in the inventory after entering Config mode will no longer prevent them from actually selecting

  • Fixed a rare error that could occur after reassembling

  • Fixed an issue with wheels and weapons sometimes not visually appearing after reassembly

  • Entering turrets in the Design & Test map before entering a seat on your own Robocraft will no longer cause them to lock up

  • Optimisation to the Battle Matrix to prevent excess data being loaded

  • Localisation updates based on community feedback for - Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian & Korean

  • Railgun will no longer penetrate through buildings in some specific scenarios

  • Recreating an existing wire will remove the one that is currently there

  • Character can no longer enter a blocked seat in some scenarios

  • Projectiles fired while on the switchplate will now deal damage

  • Reworked Battle Gate spawn zone to allow players to get back to the switchplate if they fall down

  • Fixed various shadows on functional parts vanishing up close

  • Character no longer floats when jumping up certain sloped surfaces

  • CRF default palette will no longer swap to ‘RC Default’ palette

  • Screenshot camera can no longer exit the workshop

  • Ghost block is no longer visible in the screenshot camera

  • Screenshot camera is now fixed at 1920x1080

  • Camera can no longer be pushed into the ground when shifting parts into it

  • Cursor mode can no longer be toggled while the ESC menu is open

  • Entering numbers into save file names will no longer swap the selected hotbar in the background

  • Material tab of the inventory no longer scrolls slower than other tabs

  • Triggering the ‘CPU limit reached’ dialogue will place you back in camera mode after closing it

  • Pressing ESC while popups are open in build mode will no longer remove your cursor

  • Added more loading feedback to various screens during connection issues

  • Battle Summary screen level up animation no longer breaks if you have an EXP booster active

  • Bit & Timer block label colour no longer reset in simulation

  • Adjusted LODs on Logic blocks & headlamps to prevent them culling in build mode

  • Block outline should no longer appear over random blocks in the world at times

  • Looking at a seat while the character is dead will no longer show the hint to enter it

  • Pressing ESC while recalling will no longer cause the character to be stuck in a walking animation

  • Fixed visual issue with character spinning when entering seats in the Design & Test map

  • Default language setting will show the correct language in parenthesis

  • When the Item Shop refreshes you will no longer be sent back to the featured section

  • Improvements to EVIL switchplate visuals

  • PLAY screen switchplates no longer show the forcefield

  • Fixed visual issues with boundary landscapes on the test zone maps

  • Matchmaking error text is localised again

  • Selecting an item in the Vault, then swapping to colour palettes will correctly update the info panels

  • Galaxy Cash store no longer appears empty when opened while looking at certain 3D models in the Battle Matrix

  • Fix for cancel audio playing whenever you change resolution

  • Audio added for removing parts from your hotbar

  • Updated models for some buildings

  • Voice lines should no longer trigger after the match has ended

  • Reassemble audio is now linked to the Sound Effects volume slider

  • Powered joint minor audio tweaks

  • Battle Matrix audio is now linked to the UI volume slider

We’re still working on a number of issues improvements and additions which are mentioned in the announcement here and we'll continue to share progress updates.

Thank you for your support and we will share more news soon!

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