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Precon Flipping Live! Look At The Modular Buildings And The Golden Cray?!

Hello Robocrafters!

Today we’re releasing a new update which features a bunch of important changes and some fun cosmetic variants!


We showed off Precon flipping a little while ago as it was supposed to be part of our last update, but needed just a little extra work! It’s now ready for you all to try out and is the first phase of us introducing actual Mirror Mode!

Create a precon by pressing P and then selecting and dragging the area you want to make a precon of. Then copy it with Ctrl + C, you can then use F to flip all parts of the precon in a single axis.

You can see it in action here:


We’re making some changes to the Iana Chaos map based on feedback that we have received from the last few playtests. We noticed that there were a number of players who were using the cliffs to gain an advantage against players by shooting the towers. This led to some ground based machines struggling to defend the tower and eliminate an enemy slowly chipping away at their fusion tower.

In addition, as our next big planned update introduces some tools for creating flying machines, we felt exposed towers were going to be an easy target.

In this update, Fusion towers on Iana Chaos will now be surrounded by large structures and the shield defence system has been deactivated.

These structures are currently placeholders. They may change their design over the next couple of weeks as the team is working on actual modular building designs. In fact here’s a quick tease before our artist works on texturing these structures.

The exciting part of having the modular building system is that this gives us a huge number of opportunities to create new types of gameplay and map design that were not possible in the original Robocraft. These buildings are actually inspired by the ones created in Robocraft Royale so may look similar to some players!

We’re all really excited about the future of Robocraft 2 using buildings and are looking forward to trying out these changes online with players in upcoming online battle tests.


We have no plans for a multiplayer session this week as we are focusing on optimising the servers to increase performance and improve the experience. We are also working on addressing issues with the wheels that were reported by players during the last online battle test. During the last tests we noticed players were having lag spikes and we wanted to resolve these before our next playtest. Thanks for being patient with us.


Over the next few weeks, we will be dropping some codes on our socials and discords for new skins for both Cray and the Switchplates.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of Cray’s skins.

We are going to be dropping codes for in game cosmetic content periodically with some of them being limited to a certain amount of uses. The first set of codes are going to be released on the Discord tomorrow. So keep an eye out for them!

Thanks for all of your incredible support!

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