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Profile Customisation

We know that there are a number of players out there who aren’t satisfied with just building robots. They strive to become legends within the world of Robocraft. Whether they are known as an engineering mastermind on the CRF2 or are feared in battle as a competitive warrior… But it all starts with one thing… Your display name.

Sure, You’ve signed in via Steam, Epic or via your Email and you’ve named yourself ^_^XxXNoobmaster1992XxX^_^... But do you really think that the name means anything on its own? No… It’s just a stupid name and you should feel silly for calling yourself that….

So how does ^_^XxXNoobmaster1992XxX^_^ take their display name from a hilarious name choice to a legend? Well, the short answer is… Profile Customisation

What the heck is profile customisation!?

I’m glad you asked Timmy! We’ve all used an assortment of social apps like Headnovel or Chirp to represent ourselves via an online persona. Often combined with descriptions, a profile image and a banner which represents your interests and hobbies. In Robocraft 2 we’re offering something slightly similar. Edit three categories of customisation which truly make your profile stand out amongst a sea of other players.


If you could sum up yourself in a single image, this would be it. There will be hundreds of avatars to choose from, your biggest challenge is trying to find the right one!


Sure, an image is nice, but if you really care about it, you’ll throw a frame around it! And not just any type of frame, once again there will be a huge number to choose from, some will just sit around the four sides of the avatar. But there will be others which bleed into the picture and can be used to create interesting combined visuals.

Banners These are large rectangle images which are used to display your player name. You’re gonna want to choose a background that really compliments your username. In the case of ^_^XxXNoobmaster1992XxX^_^, we suspect a beautiful image of cherry blossom trees in front of a warm orange sunset.

So once you’ve mixed up all of these profile customisation options, you’ll bring them all together to create your online profile which will look a little bit like this:

Pretty snazzy eh? There are going to be thousands of combinations to choose from, maybe even millions! And the examples we’ve shown you only feature static images! We are working on a variety of animated and visual effects for rarer profile customisation options.

Here’s how it looks during a match-loading screen

Your profile will appear in a variety of areas, most notably via the loading screen but also on match scoreboards, leaderboards and even the builder’s league. There will be hundreds, if not millions of combinations, so there’s no excuse to make a kick-ass-looking profile! Good luck ^_^XxXNoobmaster1992XxX^_^!

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