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Red Or Blue?

We’ve been thinking about how to communicate team awareness in battle and we had come up with a solution which we thought might help. In fact, there was an unprovoked discussion on the Discord forums that we found interesting.

In Robocraft 1, you would never see yourself as a member of the red team. You always joined the blue team. This is something that we wanted to change for Robocraft 2. Players will now be assigned either Red or Blue teams when competing in team games. One of the major changes in the way this is communicated is with your equipped weapons.

If you are on the blue team, your laser muzzle will emit a blue flash, and the collision hit will be blue too! Projectiles will also be blue, but they aren’t showing in the gif below as it is a work in progress.

And of course, if you are on red, it would look like this:

Please bear in mind that everything here is a work in progress which is why there are no projectiles! We are also working on a new workshop area which will be on a mothership. And whilst we still don’t have a skybox to fit within a space environment yet, Chris edited the skybox from Robocraft 1 in the gifs above. This is NOT the skybox for Robocraft 2!

Once this is all implemented into an online battle it will be really useful seeing the laser projectiles shooting around the map. For example, if you are on the blue team and see an area of the map which has a ton of red lasers shooting around, You can decide whether to attack or if you need to step back and find another route

You will still be able to paint the blocks on your machine in a variety of different colours.

This post is only regarding the VFX for weapons!

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