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RGB Colour Picking In Action!

Hello Robocrafters!

Express yourself using over 16 million colours with the RGB colour picker! This new feature is coming as part of the next content update along with a number of other features which we will detail in the coming weeks.

In the original Robocraft free-to-play players were only able to use a small number of colours, whilst premium-for-life players were given a larger number of colours to pick from. In Robocraft 2, anyone who builds will be able to paint their robots any colour they want.

We’ve chosen to limit the total number of different colours per robot to six to complement the colour palette system we revealed a couple of weeks ago. Players who download robots from the CRF2 will be able to flip the palettes of robots that they purchase from the CRF2. 6 colours are pretty common in palette generators.

As you use the RGB colour picker to select a colour, the RGB sliders and the hot bar will update in real-time… Even the robot behind the UI will update as you make changes.

Check it out in action below:

The online battle test for Robocraft 2 EU and NA is happening at the end of this week! Check the in- game counter for exact times for your region!

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