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Robo Wednesday - 25/01/2023

Hello Robocrafters!

Consider this post the prototype for a new weekly blog called “Robo Wednesday”. What is Robo Wednesday? It’s a short-form blog which focuses on real-life robotics, some discovered by members of the Freejam team and others which have been submitted by the community. We’ll also present one creator with “Robot of the week”.

I shared the concept of this on our Discord channel and shortly after Bamboozled Kiwi created some inspiring Robo Wednesday art, check it out below:

Robots cheating!

Those concerned about a robot uprising should now be extra concerned as they have been caught learning how to cheat!

Whilst we commend this robot for thinking outside of the box, we are deeply concerned that this is leading to a growing trend of sore loser robots. We’ll let you know of any further developments.


Robot with style

Boston Dynamics continues to impress the world with their robot, Atlas. Whilst arguably it is not the fastest or safest way to transport a tool bag, the showmanship is unrivalled.


The Hexapod’s are coming

One of the most requested movement parts we get for Robocraft 2 is Mech Legs/ Insect legs. This work-in-progress bot by reddit user Aecert is a satisfyingly smooth look at a hexapod walk cycle on one side.


Robot of the week

Every week new robots are uploaded to the CRF2. Over the last couple of weeks, a number of players have been trying to refine the jumper bot, a robot capable of jumping great heights to get to difficult-to-reach places for traditional wheeled bots.

Ketmol has created the Hopper V2, not only can it leap great heights, but if it happens to fall over and land on its back it has a self-righting mechanism to rectify itself. Check it out in the video below:

If you’ve seen some interesting stories or videos about robotics, consider sharing them on our discord in this post. See you next week!

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