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Robocraft 2 - Hotfix 20.10.2022

Hello Robocrafters! A hotfix has just gone live! Your game will update automatically from the launcher. This hotfix addresses the following issues:

- Fixed issues with logging out

- Potential fixes for a number of errors when entering or leaving simulation.

- Default hotkeys for hotbar pages changed from CTRL+Num to Shift+Num (Existing players will have the old keybinds but these can be reset/updated through the Settings menu)

- UI tweaks for build mode and Inventory

- Moved Glass plates out of the inventory - These were not intended to be accessible for players at this stage. We still need to figure out the best way to introduce glass into the game. Any instances of glass plates you had on your Robots will be replaced seamlessly with regular plates.

We've also added some more logs to try and identify the cause of the following issues:

- Camera spawning outside of the garage when returning from simulation

- EAC related errorsIf you experience either of these, or if you experience any errors during the transition between build and simulation after the hotfix please do send us updated player logs

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