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Robocraft 2 Patch 27.10.2022

Hello Robocrafters

We’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to try out the DESIGN AND TEST DEMO. If you haven’t had an opportunity to download it yet, you can do so by going to

We have been reading your feedback from the demo and wanted to let you know that we will be addressing a number of them over the next couple of major updates.

The first feedback we are addressing is regarding structural integrity when colliding against the environment and increasing the bond strength of the heaviest material, Ladium.

A patch has just been released which addresses the following issues:

- Fixed an error when using scaled springs at higher max extension

- More potential fixes for various errors when entering or leaving the simulation

- Potential fix related to blueprints when returning from simulation

- Rebalanced collision damage

Collisions against the environment now have a larger threshold before damage is dealt which should prevent things from taking damage after small bumps and knocks.

Collisions between robots will remain largely unaffected, but heavier robots will be a bit more robust.

Increased the bond strength of Ladium.

- Shooting while on the switch plate will no longer damage your own robots

- Spheres now count as separate groups

- Fixed an error that could happen when deleting parts after placing spheres

- More tweaks and improvements to the CRF sorting and navigation

- Quarter Circle Plate now lines up with other rounded shapes

The Next Major update Our next big development phase is to work towards an ONLINE COMBAT first playable that would allow players to play against other players online in a single game mode. Our plan is to allow players a short window of time where they will be able to play online, but they will be able to build and test their robots at any time.

During these online multiplayer sessions, the Freejam team will be playing with others online and watching to address feedback from players.

We will be sharing more details soon, but in the meantime, keep uploading your robots to the CRF2. We will be using a bunch of these robots in internal testing and when ready, will share more progress via screenshots and video.

There are stages beyond the ONLINE COMBAT first playable but we are not yet ready to reveal them. We have a long road ahead, so please bear with us as the team is working on the next big content update.

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