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Robocraft Community, Uh, Finds A Way

One of the most fascinating things about working on a User Generated Content game like Robocraft 2 is that the community continue to surprise us with their builds.

We’ve been focused on getting ground-based machines with wheels working well before we start to focus on adding other movement types like flight. The community have expressed their interest in parts like jets and thrusters ever since we announced Robocraft 2 and we assure you, that they are coming!

In a defiant shout, the community spoke up “Fine! If we don't have jets to create flying machines, we’ll simply use wheels to fly!”.

And that’s what they did…

The community have spent months tinkering with the wheel physics, pushing them to the extreme limits that would make the Griggles proud… Then they found it… A way to achieve early flight using wheels.

Shadowcrafter01 was the originator, who created the very base of a flying machine…. Whilst it was a little unwieldy, the evidence was there…Wheels can make you fly!

Inspired by Shadowcrafter01’s work, VoxSerico expanded upon this with a compact airship design called the CORSAIR AIRSHIP. This machine was ridiculously stable in mid-air and was even able to attack from the air!

What the community do with this next exploit has the entire team at Freejam watching…

… Of course, we have to fix this exploit as it can lead to other issues … However, after talking with the team we have decided not to rush and fix this exploit… For now.

It will be fixed once we release the parts required for flight, via thrusters/ jets. But we felt that letting you have fun with this exploit is probably a fun way for you to experience some sort of flight whilst you wait for it to be officially introduced.

We will be keeping an eye on the multiplayer tests and if we see that using this type of machine will give you a significant advantage in battle, we will fix it sooner.

Everyone at Freejam would like to say; thank you for sharing your builds and continuing to surprise us in unusual ways with your creative thinking and experimentation. The Next Online Battle tests take place on this Friday in EU and on Saturday in North America!

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