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Robocraft... Re-assemble! 5 days To Launch!

Hello, Robocrafters! Re-assembly is a huge addition coming in just 5 DAYS (21st of June)! This feature will re-assemble your robot at your pilot's current position and means you’ll no longer need to go back to the switch plate just to respawn your robot!


Hit R and your robot will re-assemble! It’s pretty simple! Here’s an example of a robocraft that has been utterly destroyed by enemy fire and is missing about 70% of its blocks… See what happens when you press R to Re-assemble!

You can re-assemble your robocraft while in your pilot seat or while on foot!

You’ll only be able to re-assemble the robot you selected from the switch plate. But at any time you can change your currently selected robot mid battle from the Switch Plate.

There are some limitations which keep the gameplay balanced! You can't just mash the R Key and re-assemble it whenever you take a tiny amount of damage!


In the bottom right corner of the screen you will see new HUD elements which represent reassemble and recall. R will Re-assemble your machine at your current position… F will return you back to your switchplate where you can respawn the vehicle or select another.

These icons will update to show you when they can not be used.

Here is a list of reasons why the re-assemble button can not be used.

  • When you are sat in a Robocraft that is not your own

  • Whilst you are moving

  • When you are not near the ground

  • If there is not enough space for your robocraft to re-assemble

There’s also another reason why you won't be able to press R to re-assemble… And that is if a cooldown is currently active. You’ll know when there is a cooldown currently active as the HUD elements will update.

In the case of Re-assembling there are multiple cool-down times based on certain situations.

  • If you’ve previously re-assembled, you will need to wait 30 seconds before you can do so again…

  • If you have not re-assembled in the last 30 seconds… Then any time your pilot or the robocraft they are currently sitting in is hit, a 10-second cooldown will start.

However, if you happen to kill an enemy pilot, any cool-down will be removed so you can re-assemble your bot shortly after winning in combat.

The changes we’re making, are intended to make players care more before they rush into combat and gain a strategic advantage by working with others. After all, why would you go to help someone else if after having done so, they would simply vanish back to spawn to get a fully repaired robocraft. Now you can woosh in, save the day and your teammate can re-assemble their robocraft and continue to fight with you!

What will Re-assemble

On the 21st of June, Everything will re-assemble in the position where you activated it! This means to any players who hide their logic at their switch plate, your logic will be on the battlefield when re-assembling your machine. This can be very dangerous for some player-made crafts!

In the future, we will be looking at adjusting how re-assembling works and is likely to only allow you to re-assemble only a single cluster, but this would mean that your logic would stay on the Switch Plate even when Re-assembling.

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