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Techblox Evolving To Robocraft 2

Hello everyone,

We have some very important news to share.

As you know we’ve been doing a lot of work on the battling side lately. It has been a ton of fun to develop and it’s shaping up nicely but it is becoming clear that we need to put a lot of work into it. We want to deliver the best game we can and therefore we feel we need to focus.

As we have introduced battling features this has attracted the attention of some Robocraft fans who have asked the fair question “if you’re doing battling, why not make it Robocraft 2?”. We all got together and discussed this point and have decided to evolve Techblox into a full sequel, i.e.

We believe that the Techblox technology we have built will provide an amazing foundation for a new Robocraft 10 years on from Freejam’s first ever game. This includes realistic server-side physics, a new destruction system, characters able to get in and out of vehicles, multi-manned machines, powered joints, structural integrity, environment destruction, battle map features such as drivable payloads and controllable base turrets. Our advanced building system with wires, tweakable stats, scalable shapes, and paintable physical materials are all great features that build upon what Robocraft had 10 years ago.

The dev team is really buzzing about this new direction and focus! We’re now in the process of shaping it into a first playable with a view to releasing it asap.

What will happen to Techblox?

Our aim is to ensure all players who have supported us are treated fairly, so anyone who spent money will of course get a full refund automatically. We will also release a version of the latest Techblox build with all content exposed, limits increased, and you will retain access to all your creations. We are looking to release this in the next day or so.

To find out more, read here

Our plan is to evolve the Discord server to a Robocraft 2 server but we plan to retain some channels for those that were present since the Techblox phase.

We hope that many of you will continue to join us on this journey as we transition to Robocraft 2.

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