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Techblox Transition to Robocraft 2 FAQ

Why is Techblox turning into Robocraft 2

As we began work on developing the battle game modes for Techblox, the community asked us “if you’re doing battling, why not make it Robocraft 2?”. We felt that this was a fair question. We came to the understanding that if we wanted to make our battle gameplay great, we needed to focus.

Will there be any racing game modes on Robocraft 2?

We may introduce racing-like game modes as special events. But our core balancing focus will be on battle systems.

I spent money purchasing the Super Charged Tech Pass

We will refund ALL purchases made by players. We would like to thank everyone who has chosen to support us in this way. More information on refunds will be published soon.

Will I still be able to play Techblox? Yes, but it will not be playable online. The official dedicated servers will be shut down when we release the new build of Techblox, detailed below;

We will release a build of Techblox in the next day or so which will have a number of changes which include

  • Removal of the Tech Pass system. All blocks will be unlocked from the very start.

  • All Supercharged cosmetic items will be in every player's inventory at no cost.

  • There will be 11 maps on the game portal for players to use.

  • Increased build limits.

Will my saves transition to Robocraft 2?

No, but you will be able to keep your save files for Techblox and use them in the aforementioned build which will have increased limits etc.

The Techblox build will still allow you to use Epic online services to access your cloud saves.

How can I find out more info about Robocraft 2 We will be sharing more details on the discord. Which will transition to become Robocraft 2

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